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4.7 manual upgrade - issue

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Hi there,

Just to notify the team. When performing an upgrade of my community (self hosted) from  4.5x to 4.7.0, the automatic upgrade failed and it prompted me to upgrade manually. I followed the installation guide to complete the manual upgrade, downloading the 4.7 installation files from my client area and uploading my files over FTP successfully. However when I visited admin/upgrade I was prompted that there was an issue with the following file not being correct:


It stated that the file was not for the correct version, or the permissions were not correct. However after double checking permissions, redownloading and reuploading this file, I could see the error was with the file actually provided for download in the client area.

Thankfully an auto install worked correctly on my staging site and I could then see a difference in the files:
staging site: 56016 bytes
downloaded file56116 bytes

So after copying that file from my staging site over, the upgrade completed successfully.

Just want to avoid other users facing the same issue.


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1 hour ago, Gokhan Gulser said:

I have the same problem. Spent hours today trying to get the upgrade working, with no success.

How do I get the correct upgrade.php file to complete this upgrade?

You cant at present. This is a known issue we are in the process of fixing. The only way around it currently is to bypass the check as shown in the link above

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