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Online Indicator compatibilty

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This was already submitted - sans Font Awesome - I'll add that as an option. Otherwise out of the gate it has dot next to name, outline user avatar, or online badge style next to the three dot post menu bit (where the author badge shows up)

FYI this is not just forums. Covers all commenting and reviews areas across the suite, and likely 3rd party apps as well if they are using (directly, not copying) the default templates involved there. 

Extra FYI: when it shows up in the MP it will be called Online Status

Where would you put the FA icon? Replace the dot? Replace the badge? Both?

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18 minutes ago, All Astronauts said:

How badly do you want offline indicators? For the badge option it would be a horrible idea (just unnecessary distracting noise).

Let me get the support topic up so this thread can die. 

Offline indicators aren't that useful, but I think it would work if used as profile image background.

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