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Large file in /uploads/logs - uncaught_exception.php

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A bit ashamed to say I'm not familiar with the logs in IPB, but noticed that the "uncaught_exception.php" log is 29G in size. Can I reduce it's size?

  1. In Admin > System Logs I edited the prune settings to 10 days from 30 days. Should I just wait for a background process to reduce the size of this log?
  2. Can I safely use the linux truncate command to reduce this log (worried that it has a .php extension and may need to be handled by the system)?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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2 minutes ago, Jim M said:

You will want to review what is causing this error and resolve it before fully deleting these logs. Seeing that it is from yesterday, you may have already done so and in that case, you can truncate it.

Yes, thank you! One of the tables was crashed so a database repair fixed it. I will truncate away!



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