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  1. You misunderstand. He wants them all set to "unread", not "read". Thanks, that makes sense. I was hoping maybe a single forum pointer in the database, but I see how it could be more complex than that now that you mention it.
  2. He would like to clear all of his read pointers, so that the forum appears to him just like it would to a new sign up. He actually accomplished this by creating another username and logging in with it.
  3. I have a user who would like to reset his history of topics he has read in a certain forum. Is there a way to do this, perhaps in the database?
  4. Thank you ... that was it. In the profile "Contact" information I had a spot for the website and had this code in it: <span class='fc'><a href="{$content}">Website</a></span> That class='fc' was also in another spot that was causing other issues.
  5. Updated my board to v4.4.2 this morning and received complaints that the display of all posts on desktop devices has problems with the display of the text. Here's an example: This image has the text constrained to the left column under the profile information, while other posts in the same topic will be a single letter wide and scrolling down the page. Mobil display seems to be OK, but any wider displays (like desktops or iPads) have the mangled text. I have a ticket in for this, but I was wondering if anyone else has seen this. I have unedited standard theme with no modifications, and I've tried all the usual browser cache and cookies clearing, etc.
  6. Using the converter, can I merge a separate myBB forum into my main IP Board forum without destroying my current forum?
  7. IPS has the most confusing admin section for me. There is no "block manager" listed, and when I go to System in Admin I don't see the "Guest Signup Widget". "Block manager", "Guest Signup Widget" and "System" don't appear in the search results either. Am I in the right place:
  8. Well, so far I have this in my .htaccess file in the forum root: RewriteRule ^/(.*)/page-(.*)$ /$1?page==2 This rewrites the url: http://messing-about.com/forums/topic/9480-core-sound-17-mk-3-summer-breeze/page-9 to the new version: http://messing-about.com/forums/topic/9480-core-sound-17-mk-3-summer-breeze/?page=9 However, for any double digit page numbers it does not work. /page-15 will rewrite to /?page=1 (all page numbers from 10 to 19 drop the second number) /page-26 will rewrite to /?page=2 (all page numbers from 20 to 29 drop the second number too). Any help on this one?
  9. Quite a few of my members bookmarked specific pages of my forums, and the URL is now different. Here's an example from 3.x: http://messing-about.com/forums/topic/9480-core-sound-17-mk-3-summer-breeze/page-24 It is now: http://messing-about.com/forums/topic/9480-core-sound-17-mk-3-summer-breeze/?page-24 Is there a way to revert to the old method so their links will work?
  10. The documentation for 4.0 does not at all match what I am seeing on my site (recently upgraded). I am constantly amazed at how hard it is to find any information out about the forums; love the product but wow, the documentation is really lacking. This guide: Says: " The Forums app contains several special widgets that can be placed in the header, footer, or sidebar. " I can't find them. I give up. Where are they? So I found a couple of plugins I thought could give me what the missing widgets provide. But for configuring plugins, this page: Says: "In 4.0, each plugin is allocated a settings page which is accessed just by hitting the "Edit" button on the list of plugins." There is no edit button next to the plugins: https://www.screencast.com/t/t0BYgSDvkz I can't figure out how to configure the plugins. Is there a guide to this somewhere?
  11. Yeah, I've gone through all of the documentation, such as it is. There is very, very little in terms of upgrading, and a lot of content for starting new. I don't think I'll chance it. If I'm going to have to set up a test forum, test, etc.. I'll just change out to one of the free forums like phpBB. No sense continuing to pay $50 a year for a license when IPB can't even produce clear upgrade instructions.
  12. I'm willing to upgrade, but I'm not sure I understand the only upgrade doc I've been able to find: Do I really just run the validator (all passed) and then FTP the new files over the old like I do a minor version upgrade in 3.x? There are instructions for a test installation somewhere and then instructions to overwrite the files, but if overwriting the files borks the forum, it doesn't look like there's a recovery path. The download of version 4.x doesn't have instructions inside the zip file for upgrading from 3.x.
  13. My forum is fairly small by most standards, just over 86k posts and 4,500 members, and I'd like to upgrade to 4.0 now that its been out a while. The checker looks OK: http://screencast.com/t/NlzZErR4 I have the skin back to the default, without any additional add-ons that are not supported. So the instructions look simple ... this link says to just upload the files and, I guess, just overwrite the 3.x files and run the upgrade. Is it really that simple? Somewhere I saw a method to move files into another folder and run a test on that, but that doesn't seem like it would work, as the paths would be incorrect. How has upgrading gone for you guys?
  14. Can you guys include the name of the patch in the admin section warning? I make notes regarding the patches I apply, but I still have to click your link to make sure I've applied the latest one. http://screencast.com/t/kLX7LiES95Ji
  15. Well, it doesn't seem to correct the "last post" information with a rebuild of the forums. The app doesn't really do what I want, so I'll pass on it for now.
  16. Well, I spoke too soon. It sometimes works, and sometimes doesn't. I'm tested to see if the failure is for posts created before IPB and converted to it, but many of those work well. When it does work, it doesn't seem to really copy the entire topic. Here's a specific example. I copied the post http://goo.gl/tJGMK to the Tutorials forum, http://goo.gl/kCrwD I did NOT select "Copy First Post Only", so the entire topic should have been copied. In the result at http://goo.gl/kCrwD, the original author's five posts are merged into one, and none of the other posts are included. This would be OK, except this causes the images he linked in using img tags to show as links rather than pictures. (I've increased the number of images allowed in a single post so they may show up later; I'll have to re-cache things and see how that works). I can live with this behavior if that's the intended result. The problem is that the "Last Post" information on the topic is copied over and it has someone else's name who posted in the original topic.
  17. DawPi, it looks like it is working today; I see you logged in recently. Was there something in my configuration that was preventing it from working?
  18. I sent you a PM with log in information. Thanks!
  19. Here's what I've tried (in order): First, I set up a new forum, and tried to copy topics into it. Then, I tried to copy the topic into another existing forum, thinking I had a permissions issue. I just retried it this morning, as shown in the following pics:. I have an appointment this morning, but I'll check this thread again in the afternoon. I can assist in trouble shooting if you like (and give you access to my forums if that would help).
  20. Looks to be the same error code.
  21. Just bought the hook, and I'm getting the same "Can't copied this topic" no matter what permissions are used, and whether I'm copying just the first post or entire topic. I'm trying to copy into a different forum, logged in as Admin, and I'm using IPB 3.2.2. All of your other mods have worked out of the box (I have Similar Topics, Attachment Icon, and RSS Import to Sidebar.
  22. Got it working; not sure how, but it is pulling the feed now. I put in a different feed, then tested it (didn't work), but then put in my original feed and it started populating. Is there a way to position it in the sidebar? I'd like to have it after an ad block in the sidebar.
  23. Hmmm ... just bought it for my http://www.messing-about.com/forums/ and have it set to import the news feed from my Wordpress install ... http://www.messing-about.com/feed/ ... and nothing shows up. Thought there might be a conflict with another sidebar block app, so I disabled it (Custom Sidebar Blocks), and rebuilt all master skin data and recached, but no joy.
  24. +1 on this one. We have the real estate now, with 80%+ of the browsers displaying at least 1024px wide or larger. We should also have more control over the type and content of sidebar blocks without having to use hooks. We may as well be using phpBB or SMF when we start loading up our forums with third-party hooks and apps.
  25. Anyone know a way to make the black bars a different color? I'm fine having the images cropped, but the black bars are just too bold against the default light color scheme. I couldn't find anything in the CSS file that changed this.
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