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(Pages) Message while upgrading templates

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I am asked again and again, why my app FX Pages changes the theme. And if it is safe to confirm new versions on the screen below. And if it will break their theme...

This is due to the message the users see when an upgrade for Pages templates is there. The message says the new version of the theme (there is no new theme!) has changed the templates they have edited (they do not have edited any!).

Could contain: File, Text, Webpage

Can we have a message that states what really happens? E. g. 

Some templates have been changed in the new version of the application. Please confirm the changes.

It would be also nice to have the message formatted as a warning (ipsMessage_warning) instead of an error. Just to not frighten the user 😉 

And ideally have a button where we confirm all new versions with just one click. For non-technical users, those screens with a lot of code are dreadful 😨

Thank you!

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