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Shopping cart for Marketplace


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Is it possible to have a shopping cart in the IPS marketplace?  For example, I may wish to make several purchases but can only do one at a time.  This makes my bank jittery thinking that someone is hijacking my payment method when it sees multiple purchases going through one after the other and can stall payments until verified and this in turn makes it a nuisance when they text me and ask me to call them to verify that it's me making the purchases.

With thanks 

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19 hours ago, Kirill Gromov said:

I did something like a cart of bulk orders for products, I think can do it for files as well.

I wasn't thinking of this as an add-on for licensed users, rather it was for the Marketplace on here, but if there is a need then go for it.

I'm not sure what downsides there would be to adding a shopping cart so products can be added together, other than the splitting off the payments to different devs.  I will probably have to split my purchases over different days to prevent bank jitters lol, but thanks to all who replied 🙂

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