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Thanks for that - I'll have a think on that one; the issue is that the location I am hooking into is hidden on phone if the viewer doesn't have any of the surrounding site permissions, one of which being the ability to comment on the topic which a guest won't have unless "post before registering" is enabled, or the forum allows guests to post.

Shouldn't be a problem to change that up.

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v1.3.2 is now pending approval

    • fixed issue (by workaround) where hyphens in link text may cause DeepL to detect the source language incorrectly (hyphens in link text are converted to underscores to work around this)
    • fixed issue with title translation, where pinned/featured icons in the title would display the translated title too.
    • ACP Settings: the 'Your DeepL plan' setting no longer appears when API is set to Google.
    • ACP Translations: fixed issue with javascript not loading on the page.
    • ACP Translations: fixed issue with 'Prune Settings' form not displaying.
    • Modified the 'Translate this topic' functionality to ensure that the option no longer disappears on Phone if the viewer doesn't have permissions to post in the forum containing the topic being viewed.
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hi @Nathan Explosion I was checking view of the forum from Guest perspective and I found, what I think is a bug...

So, when I'm looking in to the topics from member (logged in) level I can see translation option in every single topic/answer, however from guest level( I will add that they have permission to use translation) its only showing translation where reaction was given? I double checked this with default theme and disabling third party applications and still this same reaction, no translation option for guest when reaction not awarded.

oh, "translate this topic" is visible btw for everyone.



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So if you thinking about moving translate button somewhere else then I don’t know?? It’s a good optimal place like for me.If  that will be me I will only add an extra as a button to keep more visible. Honestly I don’t have any idea for new place, below title for translate topic?  next to the author for translate post?? 

6 hours ago, Nathan Explosion said:

It was previously there on your site, so have you recently turned off 'Post before registering', by any chance? Just a yes or a no.

I think it was always on web but only with topics that was award reactions….I think we just never noticed? And no my “post before registration” was never on, always disabled. 

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I'm going to be making other locations available for the "Translate this topic" link, definitely.

The current location is not optimal for me because the hiding of that section when on a phone means I have to try to kludge it to make it appear on phone, as well as having to worry about other applications adding items to the same section. Long story short - I'll leave that location as an option, but with an explaination that the link will not appear on phones, and that one of the other options should be used if that is a necessity.

Similar with the 'Translate' option within comments.

I'll have a new version out towards the end of the week.

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7 hours ago, Nathan Explosion said:

While I've been working on the next version (which will be 1.4.0), I have started looking into this - I'll include it at a later point, as it requires a bit of work, in v1.5.0

Its a great news...

I was thinking today what you said about moving translate and making an options for translate in comments etc... and then I realised that most of the people will translate the whole topic in most of the cases, so it is a good move to make this optional for admins to choose from. However, If admin will choose, as an example-"translate topic only", then it need to be clearly visible ( but not aggressively) button to interact with users. I will run a poll on my forum, usually 50 members are active and we will see what they prefer...

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Would you considerate to add translation option with the Pages in a future release? I know the current version supporting Database but Im talking more about any other block text that can be made with pages(WYSIWYG text). Please check the links below for ideas⬇️





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1. Hi, I would like give a feedback of user perspective, normally when a user need translate of a content is because that user can not understand current content, from the start of a content, if I can understand a content I often don't want to continue scroll the content to the bottom, or the final. So the place where need to show the Translate menu should be the initial of the content, user with first view see that content is not their understandble language, there immediately should be vissible the Translate menu or botton, user just will click on that button to find their understandble language option.

2. By now Translate come without icon, is possible add a translation icon to replace the string of Translate? So whatever front language is in the page, user will can see that understandble translate ICON, or font awesome.

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7 hours ago, kmk said:


Upcoming v1.4.0 already has options for different locations for the translation menu.


7 hours ago, kmk said:

is possible add a translation icon

You can customise your own installation if you wish, right now - template edit, or even add your HTML to the language string for 'Translate'

Going forward - I won't provide ability to upload an image. But I may provide an option for you to use an FA icon - so, please peruse the available FA icons and tell me which one you think it's a suitable icon to convey 'Translation' to an end-user...maybe this one? (don't suggest one that is available in a later version of FA - this application is built with the stock IPS software in mind, and that currently supports FA 4.7)

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v1.4.0 is pending approval

    • fixed issue where translating a record in Pages wasn't translating the record title
    • removal of theme hook modification added in v1.3.3
  • NEW
    • added a 'Menu styling' tab in Settings
      • 'Translate'/'Translate this topic' menus can now be displayed as buttons, if you wish
      • 'Translate'/'Translate this topic' text can be replaced with a Font Awesome icon, if you wish
    • added a 'Menu positioning' tab in Settings
      • 'Translate this topic' menu, in topics, can now be displayed in 3 different locations
      • 'Translate' menu, in calendar events, can now be displayed in 2 different locations
      • 'Translate' menu in comments (Forums/Calendar) can now be displayed in 4 different locations within the comment container

Note: if you have modified the HTML templates for this application, you should revert them to ensure that you are using the updated versions.


On 2/12/2022 at 8:39 AM, Nathan Explosion said:
On 2/12/2022 at 7:10 AM, Edjazoli said:

about any other block text that can be made with pages(WYSIWYG text). 

I'll take a look at the structure of this and see how it fits with my existing code.

This will be looked at further when v1.5.0 is being worked on.

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