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I see this will be come... 

- Changed "popular posts" in the topic statistics area to make each displayed post a link to the post.

Is possible add option to a post that let us Featured a post? In a topic thread always contain some posts with so good point or hight value comments, will be so good if we can select a post and feature it, then these posts show in Topics Stastics Area, with that users don't need to read one by one to find which posts are WELL COMMENTED... will reduce the Cons of topic with so many posts. 

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10 hours ago, kmk said:

in the topic statistics area to make each displayed post a link to the post

1. Recommend post just one for topic? or so many posts can be Recommended?

2. The purpose is select many posts (in that case) as Featured and can be review throught Statistics area, right now the Recommend post is placed in top of a topic, it is fine if a topic the purpose is want to SHOW a recommend post, but will be not friendly from a topic structure view...example, in a topic of 30 posts, 10 posts are Recommended, how to show it? All recommend above the topic?. But will be fine if we go to Statistic area and see which  are posts are Featured and read it.

3. As the Recommend post nature, I suggest place it in topic Statistics area too. Some time ips tools and features miss some adjustment and have it grouped to centeread or one place. As the recent ips forums restructured, that is good...and that is what I mean....need grouped to one place and not dispersad as they are similar nature. MORE UNIFORM DESIGN

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6 minutes ago, Nathan Explosion said:

So in other words....you would like recommended posts (current functionality like this):


...to appear in the 'Topic Summary' too?


Yes, but not too... the screenshot just show 2 recommend posts and it don't cause any problem to see the topic structure. I mean a scene of so many posts, and the purpose is help to manage and explore the value of posts inside a topic. 

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1 hour ago, Nathan Explosion said:

You would like those to be displayed in the Topic Summary too

Yes, apply the Read more design. Let's say show 6 as the Popular posts, then "Read 4 more" button to expand the another 4 posts. 

That is why I said it should be more Featured posts, additional feature than Recommended Post, Because right now the design of recommend post is similar Solution, they just will show above of the topic to specific take user to read one or two posts that suppose "that is all, that is reply, that is the key point of this thread"... 

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We can imagine that, hundred of topics... Hundreds of posts, maybe so many of posts contain a big value of points and knowledge, or information needed... But we will read one by one topics, one by one post to find which are the posts that help us update or open our eyes? Specially the case of new user of a forum... I think they don't want spend time in this work.

But if we can featured posts and have it managed and sticky in the Statics area, all these old topics can be visited again, but the user will want to start reading Featured posts... Because the information, the knowledge of that topic I already filtered and organized.... They don't need to read all posts (example 50 posts) to find good posts.... 

Popular posts are exactly what I am talking, the difference is popular posts are automatically filtered by a parameter (more visited?), but featured posts will be posts filtered by human, information really read by users or moderators then separated as Featured... The value of information is more than the automatically mechanism of popular posts. 


With that, so many old posts never will died... Always there to be read more easy... 

Inclusive a Widget of featured posts should be there to placed in different pages and by different topics and knowledge categorized 

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2 hours ago, kmk said:


I mean like this

I know that the new request looks "different", but to be frank I see no difference from the logical point of view. I see that you need some kind of "sticky/featured" post(s) in any available means.

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