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Using French Translation on 4.5 (latest version is 4.4)

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Assumption -this is the language pack used:

On the Additional Information tab is the following:

"To report any errors in translation, imperfections or submit suggestions to improve the quality of the translation, feel free to share your comments in our tracker."

Contact the person who created the language pack to see if they are planning to update it?

If not, then post in the MP Requests forum and request an IPS 4.5 French Language pack.

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13 hours ago, socceronly said:

What happens?  Does it break things? Not work at all? Or just missing some parts?

Most likely one of those three.

I'm not sure if there were significant changes in the way languages are exported/imported between 4.4 to 4.5 (you could scan through release notes to see if there's any mention), yet it's entirely likely that new strings were added that you'd need to translate as new features appeared with 4.5 that likely would have required new strings.

You can try importing the 4.4 language file in your test install (or a local dev install), assuming you're not a Community in the Cloud customer and have access to test/local installs, and see what strings are missing by looking at the untranslated strings after import (assuming it doesn't give you an error when you try).

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