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Hi there! 

I am excited about the prospects of using the Database function in invisioncommunity. However, I would like to be able to have a more advanced form take the information. I use NinjaForms.

I currently have Zapier, and there is a place to add MySql databases. I have been trying to get this to work with my database within invision, but it is not working. 

1) Are the "databases" that we can add to pages and have users add/edit MySQL?

2) If so, where can I get the following information? I cannot find it anywhere in the Admin areas of through documentation. 

  • Host  ("The IP address or hostname (db.example.com) of where your database instance resides. Note, localhost and are not valid! Make sure it is accessible from these IPs:")
    • i. I can't find any IP address references nor has using my site's address worked
  • Port 
    • Couldn't find a single reference to this in documentation. Am I wrong???
  • Database
    • I assume  short name? (e.g. happypeople vs. Happy People Database)
  • Username and Password
    • They suggest making  a user with very limited access but with database access, which i have done
  • SSL Client Certificate (optional) and SSL Private Key (optional) 
    • Invision set me up with this--can I get the info from them somehow?

Thank you so much for any advice or help you can give!


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To be clear, "databases" within Pages are actually stored in a MySQL database table, however there's no way you would be able to remotely connect to our database network in order to directly reinsert data (since it sounds like you're using Community In The Cloud) so the option you were looking at in Zapier wouldn't work with our environment.

We will offer direct Zapier integration with our upcoming 4.5 release however.

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