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[Dark / Light] Fluent Design Theme Edition - Topic Support


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On signup popup the button is in the same line with recaptcha:


Also, for those who use "Select the appearance of the profiles in the subject" theme's function who is in Topics tab, there must be added in custom profile fields the bellow code in "Custom topic formatting" in order to show properly:

<li class="aXenTopicProfile">
	<span class="aXenTopicProfile_Left"><i class="fas fa-file-signature"></i> {$title}:</span>
	<span class="aXenTopicProfile_Right">{$content}</span>


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Which size of image is convenient for slider use?

Now is tricky use the slider feature because there no option that adjust automatically the image. Or I missing something? 

I try to play that background setting (Cover, auto, inherid....), the slider height etc. but I think there missing some setting that automatically adjust the slider image for Mobile phone, tablet and desktop.  

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Thought I would share a simple tweak I use on my site with your theme. I use the fixed user bar and wanted to have a sticky menu too, also thought that chatbox+ widget was to low so added padding, so I added this to custom css:

/* Fixed Header */
@media screen and (min-width: 980px) {
  #ipsLayout_header {
    position: -webkit-sticky;
    position: sticky;
    top: -30px;
    z-index: 1000;
/*making sure user menu shows*/
body > div.aXenUserBarTop.ipsResponsive_hidePhone.ipsClearfix {
z-index: 1001;
#roomChat > div > h2.ipsType_sectionTitle.ipsType_reset.miniTitle.ipsHide {
padding-bottom: 40px;


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35 minutes ago, aXen | 1s2k said:

@kmk What are the errors there?

Sorry, I said that not specifically for an error, just say that because sometimes there say "this theme support for 3party apps", and I think there maybe have to adapt the 3party app with some code or adjustments. 

Edited by kmk
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17 hours ago, Steph40 said:

@aXen | 1s2k Can you make navigation font awesome icon color the same as navigation font. With a dark header, I can't see the icons.


Do you mean such white icons? I was thinking about introducing my own settings, but I think that white icons should be default both in dark and light theme.

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