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Marketplace shopping cart?


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Is there a way to enhance the marketplace experience by adding a shopping cart so more than one item can be purchased at a time?  I ask this because sometimes if you buy several items one after the other singularly, your bank may query the transactions as being a possible fraud.  By utilising a shopping cart it makes the experience easier and less likely for a report from your bank.  It can be a real pain having to enter card details over and over when you want more than one item.

Any chance of this happening, or is there a reason why it can't happen?


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It’s the Downloads app, which has this limitation. The request to improve that is being brought up regularly.  It’s not just this banking issue. It’s mostly about the customer’s shopping experience. It’s easy to see how site owners actually loose money, because the customer won’t go through the trouble of checking out over and over again if they want multiple products. 

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