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  1. @Fosters I'm having trouble getting the members list to show on my menu. Please check your PMs
  2. Is it possible to get the player to show in other areas like the Featured Downloads and Search results etc. At the moment its displaying the preview as filename.mp3 after the description which doesn't look great
  3. It does exactly as you said :) Would it be possible to remove the version number from the search results too please? I just clicked one of the file tags and then it shows me a list of files that share that tag, and these all have version numbers displayed
  4. @SJ77 here’s that plugin if you still need it 🙂
  5. Well that sucks. Is there anyone here that could make these features possible as a plugin or paid work? I’ve been asking around but no luck yet
  6. Could this be set up so the author of the file would still get their commission?
  7. A feature that I’ve been needing for 3 years now is the ability to add 1 or more co-authors to a file so that the file appears on all of the authors file pages and they would split the commission equally between them. There’s an option to add a co-authors name but the files don’t appear on their profile and they don’t receive any of the money from sales. It seems there has been no more improvements to this at all in the last few years. Is it possible to make this happen? I know I’m not the only one who needs these features
  8. I think someone is going to remove the version numbers for me in the next few days hopefully. It would be a lot better if there was a simple setting to just turn that part off though so I didn’t have to hire someone.
  9. Totally. I think I’ve just commented on your other post regarding Downloads. There’s so many great ways that the Downloads app could be used! Is there no one on here that could do the work to make our ideas possible? I’d be happy to buy a plug-in that would improve the Downloads app or pay for someone to do the work but I don’t know who to ask and don’t seem to get a reply on my posts
  10. I’ve just come back to using Invision after around a 3 year break. It’s disappointing that the limitations I was struggling with years ago are still exactly the same today. The Downloads app has so much potential but there’s some changes that would make a huge difference and open up a lot more possibilities. I would really like to see: - Shopping Cart to buy more than one product at a time. - Ability to choose more than one author for the file and commission to be split between the authors. - More commission settings like different commission rates for different member groups. - An easy way to remove the version number for files that are a finished product and will never be updated
  11. This sounds like a great idea. I’ll check it out soon. I’d definitely be interested in other plugins that improve the Downloads section too as there’s a whole lot of things that could be improved at the moment!
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