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Andy Millne

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2 minutes ago, Unlucky said:

It would be great to add a permissions option as this could prove to be a very powerful way to convert guests into members.

This is already possible. If the forum you have selected can be posted in by members but not guests then guests will be prompted for an email address to start the registration process.

You can also use the widget as a Pages block to embed within pages etc and have full control over which groups can see it.

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If this is to be available for guests we need to add some GDPR compliance due to the collection of the email address.

GDPR requires a tickbox along with text along the lines of " I consent to having The XXX company collect my details via this form"

Is this possible to add please? or is there another workaround?


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55 minutes ago, Unlucky said:

GDPR requires a tickbox along with text along the lines of " I consent to having The XXX company collect my details via this form"

No checkbox is required. The consent checkbox is provided as part of the registration form they are redirected to.

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5 hours ago, AlexWebsites said:

This looks very interesting. So you would set up the forum where the topic would be posted to, correct?

Yes when you add the block to the page you specify which forum that instance of the block will post to and you can customise the text to better guide the user instead of a generic "Start new topic" button.

There is no tag support. The idea is to make the posting experience as seamless as possible without any thought needed.

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2 hours ago, Andy Millne said:

Two fields are shown. The title field is the one you can always see and is required. When you select the title field, the other topic content editor field appears. Unlike regular topic forms, the content is optional. If the content field is left blank the title is used for both.

Excellent, I'll definitely install this on one of my sites as soon as I upgrade.

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Bough it, try use this to give more facility to my members posting their message.

Please can I ask for option that let admin enable categorys to post, of forums or clubs, or wherever if can. So after place a title, user can choose where their message will post.

Or maybe more powerfull, and can use for incentive some groups of members, is admin can give a list of places that specific groups members can selected and send the post, this post will appear in the places selected. E.G. this can be a priviledge for some VIP groups members, they can use it to promote messages, same use for website admin.

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11 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:

Hmm, not what I was thinking.  I just purchased and installed, and immediately removed.

I thought it added a simple way to add a new topic to each forum, I didn't realize it was only for one forum.

Am I doing it wrong?

Each instance you add to a page can be set to post to different forums. You can only post to one forum per block though. The idea is to reduce the amount of thought new users need to engage on your site.

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Hello @Andy Millne

I am thinking about that, why people use more chat mode? maybe many reasons, but one of them is:

Easy to write and post....what are you thinking only write it and enter to post....but forum topic work a little different...but

I would like suggest for this plugin that can make the process of posting a topic more logically and easy...

The main point is,

1. Let the user write into an editor first, I think this is important because in this moment the user have something to say, the content message,

2. When finish what the user want to say, click the button FINISH, in this moment should be appear a title editor with a placeholder THAT SAY: Give me title... below with a SEND button.


This process logic have been used by typeform.com too, TRY TO MAKE THE USER FIEL THAT IS EASY, IS QUICKLY....YES, DONE....GUIDING THE USER START TO...AND FINISH IT...


in this moment, Simple Topic work reverse, invite the user thinking about a title first.....

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This was achieved using a background image with css in custom.css In my example I used

.submit_topic_bg {
    background-position: top right;
    background-clip: padding-box;
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
	background-image: url("{media="18"}");

where {media="18"} is a URL to the background image. In my case I used the Pages media uploader and the media tag.

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