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How do your restore default pages templates?

Ocean West

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1 hour ago, Ocean West said:

getting errors on records I defaulted everything back but still pages throws errors is there a way to rest pages templates to default or re-upload them?

I might be wrong but i don't believe you can reload them unless have backup xml

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It looks from your bug report that you're actually referring to 4.4 beta Pages templates, which need some changes as posted here:


In the days of IP.Content templates they were a nightmare. I remember having to rely on Support to install default article templates, they never updated properly and it was easy to lose them. I remember once being told there are no default templates, and someone spent days fixing them for me.

I recently installed Pages 4.3.6 and happened to export all the default Pages templates in case I ever needed to reinstall and I was intending to upload them into the Marketplace, but Opentype is right, it's a much better idea to create new custom templates based on the original templates to start with, as opposed to editing the original versions. If you have changed the original templates, the Delete template button changes to a Revert button, as Nathan pointed out and for that reason I didn't need to upload a copy of the defaults to the Marketplace.

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