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Clubs Card on Forums Index

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I don’t see any error but I’ll take a look when a bug appears. I won’t release a new version because a cosmetic thing. Feel free to edit the template in your ACP.

5 minutes ago, DieselMinded said:

also the setting in admin cp that says amount to show per row... adds new rows of 2 and not a scroll 

Yes, when I say PER ROW I really mean PER ROW, just like shows in Clubs Directory. I didn’t mention scroll anywhere, did I?

6 minutes ago, DieselMinded said:

Also what setting to change the header text, needs to say Latest XXXX , 

Latest if you use latest in settings. As there are other 4 options, if you use any other option, latest won’t fit, so again, feel free to change your template. 

There’s no setting to give a name to the block. It says Clubs. I’ll add in next version. 

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Thanks for the support , I used latest in settings and the header don't change 

what does change is if your viewing latest clubs it has the JOIN NOW button , it dont show on the other settings ive tried .. nice touch :)

Look forward to next version possible 

1. Edit Title

2. Scrollable club cards

3. Styled to match other categories on index

4. Show Join Buttons Yes/No

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Is it possible to have 3 clubs in a row? so that the cards will get smaller?

for the main board i think the club cards a bit to big. so with 3 items in 1 row it will look better i guess.

I like to hear from you. thnx! 

PS: if not. is the setting "Number of club cards to display" array the items under it?

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On 5/13/2018 at 4:36 AM, pidje said:

possibility to add this option on forum fluid view ?


11 hours ago, Subdreamer said:

This block is relevant to my interests. Forum fluid view support and random forum support would be the deciding factor to buy this block.

Tried to use it on Fluid View and it doesn't work; didn't appear. Will try again for a new version.

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Maybe on a future release you could add a full width button on the bottom of the box which, when clicked, goes to the clubs section.  Maybe the button says, "view all clubs".  

I have only 2 clubs on my forum index.  If the button was there it would motivate users to visit the club section to check out other clubs.

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