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More individual header menus next to notification/pm symbols


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I would like to create additional, individual header menus with individual font awesome icons next to the notification/pm symbols, that, when clicking on them, will open a drop down menu like the "personal menu" in the upper right corner of the site, but for individually specified links.


Every day, I have to link more and more pages, and the day will come for every poweruser, that menus will be pushed out of sight due to space limits. (f.e. the automatic "More" container navigation link transforms a former 2 level menu into an ugly 3 level menu...)

But there are important menus, that should never be faded away, f.e. I created

  • a special "moderator menu" (drop down), where I link pages like special moderator instructions, project manager views, direct links to rules... If I could put a symbol to the header like "fa fa-eye" which opens my individual moderator menu with 10 specified links, that would be awesome
  • a special "customer menu" (drop down), where I link pages like "my orders", "manage purchases" but also special agreements or tables for referral descriptions... A shopping cart symbol in the header would be fantastic to open a menu for all of these commerce related links and also my other pages links. Imagine how powerful this customer menu could be, if it would also display an "open or pending orders counter". Member would directly realize, that there are orders still waiting for payment and checkout.

These were only 2 important examples among many others. Please consider this idea. Maybe this could also be an idea for a plugin developer. Thanks.

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5 hours ago, Joel R said:

If you want font awesome icons, there are multiple plugins in the MP.  My recommendation is one by @TheJackal84

For advanced menu controls, make sure you check about CJ Menu by @CodingJungle

Thanks, I've checked these ones, but unfortunately the existing plugins by these coders don't meet my current requirement.

I mean this ->


5 hours ago, Fosters said:

We could add here more links ( any suggestions?) or allow the admin to define custom links 

I think this might be a good idea for a totally new, individual plugin?

Please notice what you can see above:

  1. font awesome icons can be added to the menu, but they should also have a permission setting for who can view these menu items and open the dropdown menu
  2. if clicking on an icon, a dropdown menu opens with specified static links predefined by the admin (also with permissions settings who can see each link)
  3. I've added a special shopping cart icon, that displays "1 order waiting for payment until canceled".... This one is used to remind members to checkout.
  4. instead of having a "create +" text and symbols here, the simplified version is a standalone "plus symbol", that opens the "create drop down menu" by clicking on it

What you think about this idea?


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This is, how a commerce dropdown menu could look like, if you want to trigger more sales!




... is waiting for checkout

... is waiting for renewal

... wishlist item was updated

... is currently available for a discounted price (<- custom/artificial notification)


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  • 3 months later...

@Aiwa has created a similar plugin for a former IPS version. Not sure if he's interested to take on such a project again in the future, that integrates Support Tickets, Commerce, purchase informations, custom links, and some flexible deals integration possibilities...


Maybe there are others in the development queue, but this one ^^ was the most sophisticated one (unfortunately only for support requests) I found so far

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