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Add Items to Mobile Navbar (Support Topic)

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good APP but there is no space to display the icon in the floating bar

@Virgo81 Thanks for the positive rating even though it doesn’t work for you very well . What theme is that? There is no floating bar normally, nor this image that is showing in your screenshot. 

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Experiencing a funny issue with this mate.  Yesterday upgraded the forum(as you know) and the extra link we added to the navbar disappeared, I assumed it was down to the upgrade.  Added it again yesterday, then today its disappeared again.  When I go to the plug in all fields are blank.  For some reason it just keeps wiping itself clean every few hours it seems5a28469dad3cb_ScreenShot2017-12-06at19_37_47.thumb.png.51b3ae36acb612b5b97869e8a69cf73a.png

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On 1/19/2018 at 4:03 PM, kmk said:

Is possible disable or hide other item with your plugin? I want to disable the Activty item(maybe the search item too) for more space and customize others links with your plugin.

I hide links from certain usergroups, but I guess thats was not what you where after? Looks like this


@opentype What is the screensize for this plug-in to kick in? Is the link visible on an Ipad?

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2 minutes ago, opentype said:

Yes it was. 

:sad: I have downloaded it twice, no chance. The version of plugin is 1.0.0. Something is wrong with marketplace or you have not updated a version in XML. This is what I see with editor:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<plugin name="Add Items to Mobile Navbar" version_long="10000" version_human="1.0.0" author="Ralf Herrmann" website="" update_check="">

ACP "says" the same.

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1 minute ago, opentype said:

You asked if the uploaded version is the correct (i.e. latest one) one, which I confirmed. 

OK. I just wanted to be sure that I have the latest version 1.0.1 despite of the version I see in ACP. Thanks!

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