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  1. you must enter the button to follow, on users who choose privacy only for those who follow them, watch screen, and then enter the privacy for the users that I follow, I want my profile to be seen even by those who follow not only those who follow me !
  2. cute plugins but it is to be perfected, there are details that serve as an example allow viewing to users that I follow, and not only those who follow me, then if a user sets privacy for those who follow it, there should be a button that allows the user to follow him to give the way to see the profile, hindsight it's useless, please install these improvements as soon as possible because I did not use them under these conditions
    good APP but there is no space to display the icon in the floating bar
  3. how do you need to put the status on our pick?
  4. Virgo81

    Gender Groups

    I'm sorry, but I can not update it any more
  5. Virgo81

    Gender Groups

    I solved it alone, changed the file and added 4 more fields
  6. Virgo81

    Gender Groups

    can you add 4 more fields to me?
  7. Virgo81

    Gender Groups

    sorry you are right, I mean that on version 4.2.6 does not work, you can check better?
  8. Virgo81

    Gender Groups

    can you update it? on version 3.4.6 does not work
  9. Virgo81

    Gender Groups

    hi i have created 6 groups by genre, you can put in the list another 4 genres, my list includes Female (Straight) Female (Bisexual) Lesbian Male (Ethnic) Male (Bisexual) Gay
  10. there is a problem registering, users can not close the note when compiling the fields to register!
  11. I hope you update this app, because I'm beginning to regret buying ... I find this very well done this application lacks everything. 1: a notification in mp on the staff 2: Speed up your acceptance requests 3: A LIVE NOTIFICATION of the requests if many requests come, a slaughterhouse accepts all of them, allowing acceptance without refreshing the page MIGLIORATELA
  12. App runs in conflict with global site ads, if the app is enabled I can not create new ads ... try it too
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