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(NE) Content limits for editor

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2 hours ago, livegames.co.il said:

by uploading a simple picture with no words. its looks like uploading a picture from the mobile trick the app restriction. from the desktop the restriction works perfect.

It's reproducible on desktop too - exact steps are:

  1. Create a new topic
  2. Enter the title
  3. Do not go near the editor field itself
  4. Attach an image - do not click the attachment to add it to the editor field
  5. Click 'Submit'

As nothing has been manually added to the editor field, the code to check the editor field doesn't run as there is nothing to check in there...it's empty until someone adds something, which is when the code runs. The image is never added to the editor - it's added AFTER submission, in the back-end.

Probably an easy resolution - disable the 'Submit' button at the start of the process (of creating a post), instead of after the editor field has had something entered into it.

Will take a closer look over the weekend - any other bugs, anyone? Now is the time to report them as a v2.0.4 is on the way.
Got a few minutes at the end of work to take a look- it's done, v2.0.4 submitted for approval. Other bug fixes can wait.

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  • 3 weeks later...

@Nathan Explosion

Hi, Nathan, new bug a member just reported to me which related to the latest update. ( disable the 'Submit' button at the start of the process)

When he hit the report button image.png.2a7c32625611bec8f8d397bb25af963a.png

the submit report button is also grayed out image.png.9500e1ea7252dd36ea595b50f7fa1618.png

Even tho he picked a reason image.png.912d74bbeddbb31b86afa2350196cd14.png

He is in one of group which is limited by Editor content limits. So, I did a test, I disabled the limit for that group.

the button became clickable..image.png.8de5947bc44e4d93572ee439f5f91998.png

So, I believe whatever code you were using for reply also affected the button in the report page. I also ran a test: If I right click the "report", open in a new tab or windows, the "submit report" is clickable. Hope this help...

Please fix the issue, it's inconvenience ( half of my members are on mobile...even for the desktop users, when they see the button gray out, they probably think the report system is broken.) 

Thank you.

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2 hours ago, Nathan Explosion said:

v2.0.5 has been submitted for approval

    • Tweaks to the JS code to ensure that (hold on tight) the 'Submit' button is not disabled on forms loaded via "ipsDialog" when the page on which the ipsDialog is displayed is configured to be monitored by the application (Example: the 'Report' dialog)

That...was quick, thanks!

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  • 5 weeks later...

Hi, Every time we go to update this plugin (Content limits for editor ) when a new version becomes available it says on our marketplace page in the acp that the plugin is upto date.

We have now uninstalled the plugin to start again from scratch, but even now the plugin is uninstalled, it still says - This resource is already installed and up to date

I contacted IPS support as we thought this was a marketplace issue but they have replied...


You need to contact the author of that plugin for assistance with this. We would not be able to assist with 3rd party items

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So let me get this right...

1) you don't have it installed

2) the marketplace says you do

3) it's therefore an issue with the application/plugin, and not the marketplace, according to the support guys

LOGIC-A-GO-GO it is then!

If you want me to figure this out for you, then provide me with full ACP access to your site please.





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Hey man...

Is it possible you can change those text:

word lower limit to minimum word requirement(or count) 

word upper limit to maximum word requirement(or count) ?

or can you tell me how do I change it in language translation..

there were few members asked why they couldn't reply I guess they didn't understand what lower or upper means...

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v2.0.7 has been submitted for approval

    • Removed hard-coded strings from the 'neapp_contentlimits' html template, converted to language strings (IMPORTANT: if you have previously modified that template, then it will need to be reverted to pick up this change)
    • Corrected issue with the cleanup task, used to remove the old plugin version of the application, not running
    • No other functional changes
    • Tested and confirmed as working on IPS 4.6.0 (Beta)
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52 minutes ago, Nathan Explosion said:

When did that start happening? That version (2.0.7) was released four months ago, so what was the trigger on your side for this to start?

PHP version change?

A new group added, or a group renamed?

Upgrade of IPS from vX to vY?

I think it started after I upgraded from 4.5 to 4.6
I am still running PHP version 7.3.11 and have yet not upgraded to 7.4

Is it may be the root cause?

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On 9/26/2021 at 1:57 AM, livegames.co.il said:

Hello, @Nathan Explosion
In V2.0.7 the app continues to work properly, but i can't see the group setting and make changes.All The groups appear for one second in the bar and then disappear.

I am using Invision Community v4.6.6

 Any idea?image.png.aa1c3c897cfa943e2881524b20c56719.png




Its still doesn't working @Nathan Explosion

I cant do any changes

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Give me an admin account, in that case, so I can take a look at whatever you are trying to convey.

I will point out, again, that enabling 'apply to all groups' will hide all the group tabs and your settings are then as per whatever you have on that single tab.

If you disable that setting then you have additional group tabs to play with.


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