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Felix Thant

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Other options are:

  1. create a complex page with IP.Pages and develop your own wrapper templates and page contents (with html/php/JavaScript). This way, you can use the whole IPS logic. The "Advanced Footer" by TAMAN is also recommended and could be used
  2. bridge IPS to WordPress with one of the given solutions that you can purchase in the IPS marketplace (SingleSignOn) and use WP as an easy system to setup a different website
  3. Just code your own footer into the code.
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I have a custom page I set up with IPS, I used custom CSS, native IPS Grid system, and A Different Article System by Taman. Honestly, your imagination is your limit when it comes to how you want to to design your page. You don't even have to use the wrapper. You could design a page from scratch and include the menu into the page if you wanted.


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