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  1. Hi KMK, the site is on Localhost atm for construction,
  2. i believe the easiest option is to create PSD layers with links, i am working on them But thanks anyone for advice,
  3. Hi IPS community, i was wondering if is possible to export ips header and footer to another website? ex, if i got a CMS or a HTML website would it be possible to show IPS Header and Footer on this website? the idea is to create a website ( something like INVISIONPOWER.COM) and having it work in the same way. but without exporting the header and footer will not work so good, i have tried redirecting everything from html site to ips base but still not the same performance Any ideas will be highly appreciated.
  4. Thanks Guys for advises, what i am looking for is to keep the header and footer ( already got thr "advanced footer" and just create a homepage
  5. Hi guys, Just wondering how do i get a home page similar to Invisionpower.com website? a custom homepage where i can get the header and footer
    Good app, waiting for new updates, Worth every single penny
    Very good app, worth every penny Waiting for new updates
  6. Hi Guys, Just want to ask for an idea on how i do create a homepage as invision power has on main site,? Where should i start? all feedback's will be really appreciated, I am looking to create my site more based on applications and plugins (including Clubs ) then the traditional forum categories, so that's why i need to create a nice homepage Thank you all
  7. I was looking for that too, hopefully we will get a guide
  8. That will be very helpful if you can send me the custom.css lines to add
  9. Hi Taman, thanks one question in regards, the function for the slider to be full wide has been removed? As I cannot see it into the 4.2 theme thanks Also seen that you have a package for copyright that include all your themes, but if I want one for one theme? How is gonna work? Thansk
  10. Hi, just purchased , and in 4.2 beta6 i got this error when tray to edit member group ErrorException: Argument 1 passed to IPS\classifieds\extensions\core\ContentRouter\_Classifieds::__construct() must be an instance of IPS\Member, instance of IPS\Member\Group given, called in /var/www/vhosts
  11. Hi, Ive just purchased this theme, very powerful but i cannot see the news ticker into the theme customisation Could you help me please. Thanks p.s I am using 4.2 beta
    is this working with the 4.2 beta? Thanks
    Works as described, lots of customisation, thanks.
  12. I know that they are 2 different plugins, i was just trying to see if it works, as when you set up a new profil filed you have the option " Show on registration page that's way i have tried to find out if i do something wrong or it doesn't work
  13. hi just wondering to know how to set up this plugin, on new registration? i have also the Profile Field Per User Group plugin, where actually i have created different groups with different fields on registration, but when i try to register as a new user and i choose the group that i like the profile fields taht has been created for that group it doesn't show any help?
  14. Yes everything is enabled, but still get this error after the registration signup dont know how to sort it
  15. every time when someone try to signup it shows this error Sorry, there is a problem You are not permitted to register a user account with this site. Error code: 2S129/1 how to sort thi out? many thanks
  16. All sorted thanks for quick replay.
  17. Hi just purchased your plugin and looks like it works perfectly with IPS default theme but is doesn't showing in another theme installed which is Subway from ips focus http://ipsfocus.net/4x/ Can you help me please thanks
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