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Error Page Tags Error

Rob Pearson

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On our custom error page we insert the IPB tags (error_message) as shown in image one:



However upon access a restricted page and then revisiting the code it removed the IPB tags and replaced them with text. This means that error are no longer identified properly on our pages. It instead says 'sorry you do not have permission to view this page. See image below.



Surely the tags should remain so it can present different reasons/errors.

I look forward to getting this resolved.







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The errors are replaced on runtime in following method cms/Pages::errorPage

	 * Show a custom error page
	 * @param   string  $title          Title of the page
	 * @param	string	$message		language key for error message
	 * @param	mixed	$code			Error code
	 * @param	int		$httpStatusCode	HTTP Status Code
	 * @param	array	$httpHeaders	Additional HTTP Headers
	 * @return  void
	static public function errorPage( $title, $message, $code, $httpStatusCode, $httpHeaders )
			$page = static::load( \IPS\Settings::i()->cms_error_page );
			$page->content = str_replace( '{error_message}', $message, $page->content );
			$page->content = str_replace( '{error_code}', $code, $page->content );

If you want to customize here something, you'll have to create a plugin and override this method.

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Hello @Daniel F,

Thanks for the response.

I'm not looking to override the system i just want to know why when using the (error_message) tag it doesn't work and converts the tags into text.

Surely using the tag means it would detect different errors or is that not the case with custom error pages?




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Okay, I tried it and see the problem. That is actually a bug. Please open a ticket for that. 

The error page TEMPLATE gets changed once used, not just the front-end output. That’s clearly not intentional, but it wasn’t perfectly clear from your first post. 
Not sure what version you use, but I can confirm it for the latest 4.2 beta as well. 

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