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  1. I am unsure if its me just simply overlooking this but i cannot find a way to move a post or several posts from one topic to another. We have split the thread moving the initial post over but others have commented on it and we want to move those also as the thread has gone slightly off topic. Put simply can you move a post from one thread to another? and if so how? Thanks, Rob
  2. Hello, We've currently been trying to import some HTML through the editor, but it keeps deleting parts of it. We can allow CSS classes through the admin panel, but we'd like to completely disable that feature so any code can be put in the editor without deletion. How can we do that and where? Thanks British Borders
  3. Ok fantastic. Ill report it now @opentype
  4. Hey @Adriano Faria thanks once again for your great and swift help. It worked perfectly
  5. @Daniel F could you possibly help with this?
  6. @Makoto were do you put the secondary group id for it to check.
  7. Hello, I currently want to do a check where if someone is in a certain secondary group then it will change their name on their profile. So far I have something like this. {{if $member->member_group_id === 75}} <h1 class='ipsType_reset'> {$member->name} example example </h1> {{else}} <h1 class='ipsType_reset'> {$member->name} </h1> {{endif}} but I believe the {{if $member->member_group_id === 75}} only checks primary groups. is it possible to run a check of an ID of a secondary group. Thanks Rob
  8. It just seems the custom error tag doesn't detect the different errors but instead just checks the first one and then saves it as text. Still not found a solution yet.
  9. Hello @Daniel F, Thanks for the response. I'm not looking to override the system i just want to know why when using the (error_message) tag it doesn't work and converts the tags into text. Surely using the tag means it would detect different errors or is that not the case with custom error pages? Thanks Rob
  10. Hello On our custom error page we insert the IPB tags (error_message) as shown in image one: However upon access a restricted page and then revisiting the code it removed the IPB tags and replaced them with text. This means that error are no longer identified properly on our pages. It instead says 'sorry you do not have permission to view this page. See image below. Surely the tags should remain so it can present different reasons/errors. I look forward to getting this resolved. Thanks Rob
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