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purchased something for wrong license.


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I have 2 licenses for IPB and I accidentally purchased something for the wrong license.

Is there a setting somewhere in the client area that allows one to transfer components purchased to another license?

anybody know?

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3 minutes ago, opentype said:

No, since the keys are connected to your domains. 

Your best chance is a support ticket, explaining that your purchase was a mistake. 

I did that this morning (about 12 hours ago) 

just thought I would shoot in the dark to see if there are any other options while I wait.  


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9 hours ago, AndyF said:

A ticket in the Client Area is really the only sensible answer for this. :)

Hopefully you will get an answer soon.

There is an option to change url, and swap license keys? This really won't work?

FYI the invoice was generated on my behalf by IPS because the order system was leading to an error. I didn't know it was setup for wrong license until AFTER I paid.  :(

change url.JPG

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It is something you do need to wait for a member of accounts/billing or Management to take a look at unfortunately as its not a tech support issue as such. If you explain what/why in your ticket that will help clear as to why you're requesting this.

These departments do not usually work weekends however it is quite likely there will be someone available.

I thank you in advance for your continued patience. :)


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