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  1. With that said probably not the best thing to do this summer but needed a break. I will take care of things when the cold dark winter moves in where I live. :)_
  2. Although I like your reply, things are not quite that simple. At least for me there not. I do not have the time to spend upgrading and fixing issues all this summer with 4.2 version upgrades. I plan to deal with this sometime this winter and didn't want to waste all my summer upgrading and dealing with skin updates and issues. I have other things to deal with then deal with these issues. However, that is me and me alone. Others probably feel different. I have enjoyed my summer not dealing with these issues. I figured I will make some music and deal with these issues later. So far so good. But we'll see though.
  3. I am not an emoji fan so I think I will keep all our classic emotions that I have searched long and hard to find over many many years. To me, and others on my site, they look childish. For me, and my members, we do not care much for emoji's. We prefer classic more mature looking things rather then the new stuff that seems to be offered these days.
  4. From experience it may be best to talk about all this tomorrow. I haven't seen anything from @Adriano Faria or @-RAW- that would show to me that they "can dish it out" as you put it. I fail to see how either of them are lazy. I see the both of them replying to support topics and such. Devs can't make everyone happy. As you should know after checking out your site. Just smile and be done with it.
  5. Why not just remove your post and put a smilie face up and say all is great and call it a night and post about this problem tomorrow. <---- use this one.
  6. CP

    Renew now

    From my understanding (unless it has changed) you are not able to renew early. You could however, add the amount to your credit area and it should come out automatically on your renewal date. I have done this at least twice because I wasn't going to be around to make the payment. .
  7. Yes, I added to my site running and works great. EDIT: I didn't realize you have it already, sorry.
  8. I should have mentioned I was using Safari sorry about that. I had a member report a issue using Chrome on my site with the featured files not working correctly. I don't use Chrome so I really can't help you. But at least you know it is a Chrome issue.
  9. They seem to look good to me: Maybe check your browser extensions. Sometimes those can effect areas of websites.
  10. No it shouldn't. I agree though, FB is creepy as you put it. To make sure though, have a close friend check and see if it shows up. Don't add much info until you know for sure. If you created your page with a new name you should be OK. I also created a page a month or so ago. I didn't do it for my website but my music and it seems to be OK. Everything seems to stay private on FB. No one seems to know about the page. I have never been a FB fan. It seems you can't do anything on FB without the whole world knowing about it.
  11. Was his IP accidentally added to the ban list? I would say that maybe his IP address ended up in IPS spam prevention but if he was registered on your site before that happened, he would still be able to login to your site. That is strange to say the least.
  12. Go to Members/Groups then click "Edit" for guests then go to the Links Directory tab and make sure you have that turned on. I assume you must have it turned off.
  13. Have you checked the Applications/Links Directory permissions?
  14. I can understand both sides here. However, one thing I would like to say, I feel if someone is being charged a renewal and they pay the renewal then they should not have to pay the full price again. I can understand having to pay full price from IPB3 to IPB4 because IPB4 was a complete rewrite. Renewals, in my opinion, should cover all upgrades even if they are extensive. The only time I see having to pay full price is if IPS releases a complete rewrite of the suite. What bugs me the most is that some developers (not all of course) take advantage of major upgrades.
  15. Everything seems to work OK for me. I can scroll down and no bouncing images. When I hover over a image it just zooms in a little.
  16. Personally I think IPS has the best support for anything I do on the internet. My tickets get resolved quickly and if a ticket of mine manages to be escalated, even then it gets resolved in a reasonable amount of time. I have always been happy with the support IPS has.
  17. CP

    Dreadnought Theme

    All I can say is wow! I think this is the best IPS skin I have ever seen, ever. You really thought this skin out and it shows. Nice work!
  18. Please read here for what I think https://invisionpower.com/42preview/topic/36-download-system-ideas/ I have more suggestions if IPS wishes to hear them. But for now, this is what I have. Understand this is only feedback.
  19. I actually have the same problem on my site. Or did at one point. I had a member download his file over and over 77 times running up my bandwidth. He did it numerous times. I finally put an end to it by posting on my guidelines that anyone caught downloading files over and over will be banned. I can see uploading a file then testing it to make sure it works. Or even checking your file later on and making sure it works. I wish IPS or a developer would create something that would stop it. That way I don't have to continually monitor the issue.
  20. CP


    Take a break man you work too hard. You are good with us. As always, we enjoy your work so keep it coming.
  21. As far as I know (could be wrong) there is no way to transfer any kind of component (file download) to another license.
  22. I had a few issues with speed & upgrades at one time. After moving to a new host that solved all my problems with speed and upgrades. What you have said so far it seems more like a hosting issue then anything else.
  23. This is something I would be interested in also.
  24. Thanks for the reply @The Old Man I appreciate it. Looks like I will be busy.
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