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I'm currently reviewing my hosting. My site atm is on a KVM SSD VPS with the following specs:

  • CentOS 6
  • 4 Cores
  • 4GB Memory
  • 80GB SSD Storage
  • 4TB Data

I'm wanting to move to CentOS 7 but not sure whether the current specs are an overkill or not. That and should I look at a OpenVZ VPS solution rather than a KVM?

What are others running and what's your server load like?

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I've been using KVM VPS the last 9 months, and I have had a very stable and reliable  webserver the whole time. This is the first time I'm using KVM and I will continue using it next time I move to another server.

I have leased OpenVZ VPS few times over many years, and didn't have a reliable webserver. The last time was a bad experience and that's why I chose KVM this time.

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Kvm is better ^_^

If all the above specs are dedicated to you then you are fine to go ahead with Centos 7.

If you get a part of them then we must know exactly the dedicated specs to you so we can recommend you if it's ok to upgrade or not....

Server load is not the same for any servers even if you have the same server specs as there are many reasons to have different load like:

More or less addons, optimizations and technologies used on the server and so on....

In general with the above specs you can run an ipb forum with medium traffic range very easy ^_^

But i am sure that with the money that you pay for such vps you can get a dedicated server and all the power to you and not shared resources ^_^

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Like @ASTRAPI said, KVM is better.

No matter the VPS, other users can still impact your site performance if they start having problems or doing "things" but KVM locks down your alloted resources far better than OpenVZ (which still mostly shares the entire CPU with everyone).

If your site is for just a handful of users at a time I wouldn't worry about chosing between the two. If your site actually has really good activity, it's KVM or Dedicated the way to go.

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