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Reason For Hiding Posts


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I would like to see this extended to give the admin more control over the reason for hiding posts.

Currently, this is just a textbox where the admin/moderator is required to input a reason and sometimes the reasons for hiding posts will differ from person to person, for the exact same issue.

I would like for admin to be able to create a list of reasons for hiding posts (pretty much in the same way the user warnings) and this would be presented as a pull-down menu instead of a textbox. This would make it easier for moderators to categorise and speed up the process. The selected reason would then be displayed within the hidden post.

Possibly with the ability to have a new topic/post created within a forum (of the admins choosing) when a post is hidden, plus also the ability to add a moderator note at the same time?

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The idea is cool, but I never saw this in a forum software before, so it would be completely new. I would recommend to make these settings optional, so the administrator / moderator can choose what's the right thing for specific contents.

As I am not a developer, I don't know if there is a way to make a 3rd-party Add-On for this, but maybe someone from the community can say if there would be a way.

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