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  1. Yeah That Guy! Ahh anyways, thinking about just makes me Well, this Classifieds is very good but still looking for some things i would love to see in this too Like the Adverters Time to Reply etc. Well, i posted already Also a better kind of some sorting tree would be nice.
  2. I´ve asked on Adriano´s Board for a feature where a Block or Info is added how fast Adverter will answer on average and how many they answer in % So someone interested can see the activity of an adverter. Maybe you got better ideas for that but would love to see kinda feature
  3. I would love to use the Bugtracker or participate to Suggestion.. but how if i can´t register to sosinvision?!?
  4. With Static map i mean that you cant scroll like you can at Google Maps. Test it here Sry for asking so much but i want to sort out a few things. Is it possible to have a tag that´s selected as prefix be visible in the Classifieds Overview?
  5. Got Google Maps now integrated but missing to scroll in or out of the map. it´s just static with no options. Did i missed any API? When adding and Advert and missing a "Required Field" it would be nice if that Field is highlighted or at least the Required Text is highlighted... If you choose a Tag as Prefix it´s shown over the whole Site
  6. I´m playing a bit around with the settings and just saw while adding a Package that renewal time can be set from 1 to X Days. If i want to have Standard Package that can be renewed always what would i need to enter in "Renew for more"? -1?
  7. Meant just that i need any "All Time" Rating System
  8. Is the review system somewhere stored after a Classified is deleted/closed/moved? That ppl can see, also after a longer time, if someone is reliable or even not? Till March its still a little bit Would be gorgeous
  9. Let me ask you two more, last, questions. Sorry if that has been asked already but does the Classifieds App comes with a rating system and do you considering to implement coupons? E.G., it´s Christmas and as a Board Owner i want to start a Discount for Adverts?!
  10. So, you will not stop supporting or updating your apps within the next time(s)?
  11. @Adriano Faria Did you closed your Forum? If so, what will happen to your Classifieds App?
  12. I can recommend you asking the support within the client area, they can give you a definitive answer on that case.
  13. Could you describe us how you did that?
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