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Enable Reputation per forum


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I've often wondered why this is not something we can pick and choose for where we'd like to see Reputation buttons. It would be nice to only have this enabled on certain forums. On a guild forum that I manage there's a plugin for a Thank You/Like system which allows you to choose what forums you want to enable it on.

Example screenshot of some of the settings:

Upon seeing this it made me wonder why we don't have those kind of options for the Reputation system here with the quality IPS software.

I hope this can be a worthwhile addition that we'll see sometime in the near future. ^_^

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2 minutes ago, Tarun said:

While I was not aware of the plugin, I personally think I would avoid it. Doesn't it make more sense that this functionality should be something inherently part of the core software?

A lot of things make sense as part of the core.  This entire forum is littered with good ideas that make sense as part of the core.  

I don't think IPS will implement this specific change without overhauling its entire system behind activity counts and reputation, since (right now) IPS does not even partition its content count or reputation into content types / application, much less the count you want per forum or category.  


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