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Page Custom Database Record Feed block


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These currently have zero filtering capability on Database fields.  

These really need to be enhanced so they pull the fields associated with the selected database so you can filter, and sort, on those fields.  

As it is now, the only way to do this is a custom PHP block that just has a query and feeds the resulting data into a theme template.  You can't even use a Pages block template because those are only for plugin blocks.  

Creating a simple database record feed block with a field filter is proving more complicated than creating, configuring, and populating an entire custom database.

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4 minutes ago, Flitterkill said:

Nice. I was actually just dumping records into a block, setting a stupid large number of records retrieved, and filtering manually in the custom template afterwards. 

For now, you can do it via getItemsWithPermission() and some SQL where / sort / limit.  But that's not really straight forward unless you're familiar with Content Items and the method available for them.


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1 minute ago, CheersnGears said:

When you're saying next release-ish, I'm assuming not 4.1.13.... are you talking 4.2 or something still in the 4.1.x line?

Possibly 4.1.13, but definitely before 4.2. The developers are working off an engineering roadmap with branches for each feature edition or major bugfix. After development review and testing, it is merged into development and later pushed for QA and eventually production. We have the ability to push a release without those additions, so if something major were to come up tomorrow, we could push 4.1.13 to include what's already done and tested and merge in things like this in the next release. 

So, as it stands, it's slated for 4.1.13, but that can change depending on timing. 

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