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It would be appreicated if you put some thought into making the subofums stand out on the board index. They are hardly noticable.

The other day I noticed next to one of my subforums it had a marker next to it which made it stand out and I thought oh that looks so much better. Then I noticed my other subforums didn't have this marker but then realised it was because there were new replies to read in the subforum with a marker.

I feel it would be a great addition to have some kind of permanent marker next to subforums so we all know they are there for members to visit or join your community and miss these little subforums.

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This will be a matter of preference. If you want them to have equal visibility to primary forums, you can of course make them primary forums and make use of categories. The reason they do not stand out as much is because they are in fact secondary / sub forums. You may also enable grid mode in your theme settings to see if you like that better. Finally, don't forget to check the marketplace for themes you may prefer better. 


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