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Changing Font Size For Content/Pages


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I've been figuring this out as I go along and most problems I've been figuring out how to correct them by using the "element" tool in web browsers. But, I've been having difficulty in regards to changing the font sizes for IP.Content/Pages. I have Pages configured to display Pages through "Article View", but I'm having problems trying to change the font sizes for the username associated with the registered member who posts the article.

The font size for usernames is a different size than the username that is displayed when you view the "expanded" version of the article:

Article View/IP.Content Index Page

Viewing Expanded Article (Read More)

To be honest, I can't quite figure out how to fix the font size for this. When I try and edit the font size for the "Article View/Index Page", it also adjusts the font size for usernames on my message forums (which I have already modified). I'm looking for an option so that when I change the font size, that the modification only adjusts the font size on "Content/Pages". It seems that when I try to change the font size in relation to IP.Content/Pages, it also seems to adjust the font sizes for usernames on my message forums, despite the fact that font sizes for IP.Content/Pages and font sizes for the message forums seem to be using two different font sizes. Larger font sizes for IP.Content and smaller font sized for the message forums.

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2 hours ago, Morisato said:

Here's the problem: goddess-project.net/articles.html/anime-news/funimations-baccano-license-expires-r6/. Notice that the font size for the username is ridiculously enlarged and it's causing me some headaches.

Not sure why adding inline style but probably have your reasons.

Anyway, for your question try adding into custom.css

[data-pageapp="cms"] .ipsType_large {
	font-size: 12px;

obviously change size to own requirements

or remove the


from the <p> tag in the page

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@steve00, thanks. It did the trick. Since I upgraded to IPS4 several weeks ago, I've been trying to play catch up and learn these things on my own. It's just when I run into a problem that I can't fix or can't find a solution to that I find myself running into problems like this. But, thanks for the help. It's appreciated. :thumbsup:

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