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I 💖 Invision!

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I want to appreciate the Invision Community Staff and creators of the software.

Its been a pretty long journey for me with the software. I purchased my first license back in 2007 but loved the look and feel of the software even before that as I saw it on a site I frequented often. The smoothness, the well crafted forum posts. It had nothing on the free forum softwares that I had been using up until that point and it certainly was leaps and bounds better than vBulletin which I always found clunky and busy.

To put it extremely lightly, I was infatuated with this software from the first time I used it.

To say that I was absolutely flabbergasted when people bailed and went to Xenforo, but I was able to obtain 3 additional licenses for a reasonable price from one of those people, was also an understatement. This genuinely fueled my love and need to use IPS on all of my sites and projects, and I was. It was not long after I obtained those licenses that I upgraded what I consider my biggest site success to IPS and started to expand my network of IPS sites and obtaining a few more small licenses because Pages was quite literally a masterpiece addition and a game changer.

Its no small feat to say that I have a lot of licenses that I hold near and dear to me. I honestly can't actually think of a project that I have started for a website that I haven't used IPS for in over the past ten years.

I was proud to be able to contribute to the IPS team for the short time that I worked for them before moving onto other opportunities.

The staff have been nothing short of understanding and amazing! I don't think I've met more responsive and kind hearted people. I know that I've contacted support in tears because I broke something or something got broken somehow and it was resolved with a speed that I feel should be appreciated. This included times when I was using betas and my entire site was down after upgrades.

As such I want to appreciate you all.

I unfortunately won't be able to keep up with my licenses as I used to (Thank you Bidenomics) but this will still be my go-to software when things change in my situation. It will continue to be my recommendation for anyone that wants to create a site or community. I just wanted to send my love and appreciation for all that you do and tell you to keep up the good work.

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Hi @Morrigan,

I too share those very same sentiments, almost to a tee having been part of the team myself.

It’s not often that users take time to post positive feedback not because they’re bad or negative people, it’s just human nature to raise things when they supposedly aren’t working. Invision Community and the team deserve a lot more praise for what they are doing, not just what they're not doing as there are nine times out of ten solid reasons for it. Features, inclusions, exclusions, deprecated items, you name it, there is always a thought process behind it all.

I’m sure this will bring a smile to the team’s face and it’s unfortunate to see you having to give up your licences. I’m sure a new project will come about and you’ll find yourself back in no time. 😉

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