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Global sidebars

Gabriel Torres

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As the sidebar can be configured at each section of the website, it is very time consuming adding a new block to all pages.

I suggest a simple checkbox inside the ACP to tell the system that we want all the sidebars to be exactly the same, so configuring one sidebar we configure them all if this setting is enabled.

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26 minutes ago, Mercury_ said:

Hello. I have a very basic question. Where can I turn on the sidebars and choose which one I want to display to visitors?

I'm asking because I absolutely can't find this setting in the 4.1 demo. Thank you for your help. :)

While logged in as an admin or moderator on the public side of the site, click the arrow on the far left of the page to enable block editing mode. You can then drag and drop blocks to the sidebar, header and footer, and they will then show on all pages of that type (so if you edit it inside a topic, it will change it for all topics, etc).

To the best of my knowledge, there's no way to show different sidebars to members and guests.

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Yes, please we need this, the previous versions do not work with 4.1

A question would be... could we have a Global Sidebarr for all the sites as a Toggle Bar, where it will moove alongside youre screen when scrolling downwords and pops up on every forum site like this.






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Any new on the Global Sidebar? Would be aswesome to have it.

There was a post about the Global Sidebar about IPS  4.0 implenting Global sidebars, for example announcements are globally but costume sidebars and others sadly arent :(
Unless you manually add it to every single forum post and site you have wich is way too time consuming, and having a special sidebar wich mooves along when you scroll down would be awesome, not only for a chatbox but aswell for special advertisements, donations or even status updates.

Any news on this post?

If anyone could help would be awesome, Aswell as a hopeful shoutout @DawPi if you could devlop ur existing Global Sidebar app from the old IPS 3.x Version to the Version ^_^

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Is it possible to get a Sidebar wich strolls down with me when im reading a topic like the Toogle Chat i posted there. For example you have a Chat or Adv and reading a Post the Costume sidebar will moove along while youre scrolling down so you have it viewable at all times in every page ^_^
I guess someone would have to devlop it?...

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