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Redirection issue during checkout process at Commerce

Gabriel Torres

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Hi guys,

Migrated to from 3.4.8 and very impressed with the new 4.1.x series.

I was able to solve all post-migration issues we were having, except for one.

When trying to checkout at our store, we are redirected to a random topic from our forums.

I can't figure out why. If you guys could take a look and see it in action and maybe give me some pointers I'd highly appreciate it.

We are running nginx, so IPS support department said they can't help us. I am attaching our .conf file.

The store is located at: http://forum.clubedohardware.com.br/store/product/1-acesso-vip-1-m%C3%AAs/

Thanks in advance for all help.


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My first thought when I saw this (and tried it) was some bizarre rewrite rules that were picking up the csfr key in some way however retrying it (same key) resulted in a different topic.

Are support able to confirm then this is not a Commerce / Nexus related issue ? By this I mean its related only to your specific install.


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Guys,  nevermind. The problem was between my chair and my keyboard.

I had a bunch of rewrite rules created to deal with pre-IPB links that redirect to a custom converter I created. I the removed all those rules, but forgot to reload nginx. Reloading nginx with the rules solved the issue, so I will need to go back and see each exact rule is causing the issue. Thank you anyway! :)

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sorry to go off topic but I wanted to ask some questions regarding your VIP setup. Advertising.

Since there is no X days for expired, there is only clicks and Impression, so I set mine at 20k. I enabled renewal for 30 days with 7 days time limited and 2 days of remainder.

how did you set up yours? Since there is no X days

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Sorry but I didn't understand your question. Our VIP setup works in a completely different way from what you asked or described. Users can buy a package for 1/3/6/12 months and during this period they are promoted to a new usergroup ("VIP members"). This group won't see any advertising. Upgrade/downgrade is done automatically by Nexus/Commerce. At each advertisement, I simply configure that the VIP group won't be seeing it.


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