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4.1.4 Upgrade Error 1146


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I'm currently setting up a test forum in a different root. I've already made sure the conf_global.php directs to the new URL and MySQL databases. I've had to manually set commands during the upgrade, which were all successful. However, I cannot get passed this error:

Table 'DATABASE_NAME.cms_page_widget_areas' doesn't exist

If I click "Retry?" or "Continue" I'm still redirected back to this error.

Does anyone know what's wrong here?

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14 hours ago, Mahumba said:

I had the same problems. So when the error pops up it'll suspend upgrade/install. What I did then was ftp'd the whole folder up to my server then continued upgrade. I did have to start a fresh upgrade at one point though.


That seems to have solved the problem. Thank you!

Also, just to make sure, when I have to run a manual command with MySQL, I simply go to PhpMyAdmin, select my database for the forum, and then click the SQL tab, and copy-paste the command it shows to run, then run the command?

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