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  1. Yeah, my background tasks for rebuilding posts are still around 7-8% right now, so hopefully that fixes the problem.
  2. The admin turned off the default skin, so I'm not sure. My test board is on the default skin at the moment and I'm having the same issue. I don't know why exactly. Before I upgraded, I switched my test board to the default 3.4.6 theme and followed all your steps. That's why I was thinking that maybe the rebuilding process would fix this.
  3. Love that haha, but bad during the holiday sales! I also had one more question. The screenshot below is not of my forum, but another forum I browse that recently also upgraded to The indented text is actually supposed to be a quote. When you rebuild the posts, this is supposed to be fixed and will actually show up in a quote box, correct? This particular board is very large with over 8 million posts, so I'm just assuming the background processes haven't finished running, but I could be wrong too. I hope the background processes do fix this.
  4. Do I need to set permissions to the task.php file back to 644 after the cron job is finished?
  5. Sorry to bother with so many questions, but while I was upgrading, I ran into another issue. Do you know what this might mean? Table '***_ips4test.cms_page_widget_areas' doesn't exist /home/***/public_html/popemer/system/Db/Select.php::390 SELECT * FROM `cms_page_widget_areas` Apparently it's error 1146. I uploaded the IPS4 folder twice to see if I could get rid of this error, but it won't go away. I can't click "Retry?" or "Continue" to go pass the error either.
  6. Looks like my index.php file was still pointing to my live board. I changed the paths there and my board is working! Thanks for taking the time to help me!
  7. That's not an option on the 3.4.6 ACP. I duplicated my board in another directory and can't view it, but I can view the ACP associated with it. For example, if my forum were located at forum.com: I ran a test installation of forum.com at forum.com/test. I can't see forum.com/test, but I can access forum.com/test/admin. I hope that makes sense.
  8. I ended up running my test installation again following all your steps, but I can't see my board, but I can access my ACP. Do you know what could be wrong?
  9. On IB 3.4.6, what does the rebuild post content do? Will it throw off any posts? I used the rebuild signatures feature and the editor coding in my members' signatures malfunctioned and showed the codes. Is it a good idea to use this feature before upgrading?
  10. I'm going to go ahead and re-install my test install. I think that's the best solution. Plus it's only a test install, so no harm in doing so.
  11. For example, I'm quoting your post now. On my test install, what I'm writing as a reply to the quote will not show up if I'm not an administrator or moderator. Only what you've written in the quote box will show, but it will show as a quote.
  12. What does this mean? Did the fact that all the posts weren't cached affect posts below a quote not showing up if the members were not moderators or administrators?
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