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Gallery 4.1.1. bug

Alexandr Sotnikov

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Right now, I found 4 error points on this issue as follows:

1) Any member who is belonging to more than one member group and if there is a group that has image upload size restriction for Gallery, it will simply ignore the rest group setting.

2) Surprisingly, the image size restriction on Gallery section that was describled as kb, is actually applied as byte. For example, I have a maximum image file size of 5072 kb that a "Member" group can upload into the Gallery. But it will be only 5072 bytes (or 5 kb) limit on the action. Hence, a weird 5 kb error I encountered.

3) Moreover, this limit setting did applied to the size combination of multiple images that are uploading simultaneously to the Gallery rather than for each image. e.g. if I upload 6 pictures with 1 kb each, it will fail to upload at this 5kb limitation anyway.

4) Maximum image / movie size that is showing on the upload dialog did not truly retrieved from the image size limitation setting on the Member Group. Also, it did not applied with the PHP settings post_max_size and upload_max_filesize.

Why this version has so many bugs? I'm really confused. :frantics:

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