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Found 34 results

  1. Any chance this is going to get done. I am a broken record, but this was discussed over a year ago as something that would return in a later update. Two things desired here. 1. A block that calls a single random image from a designated gallery or album, then leaves the image displayed for a period of time, say 20 seconds, then changes the picture to another random from the designated area. 2. A block that calls a set number of RANDOM pictures from a designated gallery or albums and displays them on page. Just a RANDOM filter vice our current selection of sorted filters.
  2. When a user uploads 2 dozen pictures into a single album in the gallery, instead of showing each picture in VNC, it should show that the user uploaded a new Album and show the Album name. My VNC is going to get very very messy come auto show time. I could see showing the picture if it was one or two pictures being added to an existing album, but if the album is all new, don't show all the picture in VNC.
  3. In gallery there used to be an option that required members to upload images to a personally made album only and I believe this one was forgotten. I have a few categories that I want only collections of images added to them via an album and allowing direct uploads sort of confuses people. Thank you.
  4. Hi, Please can you add support for "Adding media files from server path" (for bulk importing of existing images on our websites into the Gallery)? Real world example - I have 1000's of images in sub-folders being displayed elsewhere on my website and more importantly hosted on my website, that I want to import into my Gallery so my Members can make better use of them. I don't want to have to duplicate them all or re-upload. Secondly please could you add support for "Add media files from URL"? This would all us to import images into the Gallery via Flicker, Pinterest, Deviant Art and other third party websites etc. Appreciate this would have to rely on responsible use, licensing and permissions but that would be down to the Admin and Members. The Downloads app seems to have these facilities in already, so presumably (I'm obviously no expert!) since IPS4 had been rewritten with this sort of thing in mind, hopefully it wouldn't be too difficult to add the same existing support to another official IPS app? Many thanks.
  5. Hi, could you please also implement a like button for albums? At the moment users can only like individual pics but not the album. I think this would be really helpful because also FB has this feature.
  6. add image button for mobile users its hard to find sometimes for new users. Coz it goes down after all catgories images. Could u please change the button place for mobile users on top same as create new topic.
  7. Hi. I'm using IPS as a gallery site (lensburner.com). It's a huge part of my community. I've recently begun to speculate about users being able to sell their photos that they upload. I bought the Nexus app with high hopes that it could handle such a feature but what a big disappointment it was. The only big part it added (from a user point of view) was the ability to add purchase option to the download app. Will you offer better integration in the future between commerce and rest of the apps? I'm thinking about the ability to add coupons, sales and so on and maybe a way to sell photos directly from the gallery app instead of adding every single photo again in the downloads app. It takes up unnecessary hosting space and traffic. Or maybe a way to sell downloads from the commerce section. There's no way to link a product inside the commerce app. Thankful for feedback about future plans of the commerce and shop part of IPS.
  8. Since I have upgraded to IPB4 I have notices that the disk space on my server is running out of memory, which is a serious problem. Having a look at the uploads-folder showed me, that the original photos are not resized to the allowed maximum image dimension and then discarded, as it is done with attachments-pictures. They still remain on in the uploads-folder. So for photos wich are shown with less than 1MB as maximum size on the gallery, they are stored with more than 10MB on the server. They are not shown and so they are not useful as pictures, but they are reducing enormous disk space. For the user-experience it is good to upload the photos in the way they get it from the smartphone or camera, but on the other hand, for the forum-owner it is necessary to save disk space on the server. So I hope IPB can change this to tread uploaded photos to the gallery, like attachments and discard the original files, after resizing them to the allowed maximum dimension.
  9. One of the functions we perform requires uploading many images at once into our image gallery and tagging each of these images. Often times, tags will get missed or misspelled or simply changed. It would be great time saver to give the moderator / administrator the ability to add or remove a tag(s) to multiple items selected in a listing (be it forum items or gallery items). This function would NOT be intended for users. A bonus feature from the Admin console, would be the ability to manage and administrate existing tags - deleting tags in bulk... or merging / redefining tags.
  10. Hello, IP.Board & IP.Gallery has been traditionally not very eager to support videos because of compatibility issues with webhosters (almost none support FFMPEG). But since Invision seems to become in favor of supporting Third-party Enhancements . I would like to suggest to consider to support the HeyWatch API. HeyWatch downloads the orginal uploaded video file, converts the file to a HTML5 standardized video format, creates thumbnails and uploads everything to a specified FTP (or any of the multiple methods) target and then pings using a POST HTTP when everything is ready in 60 seconds or less. IP.Board must be able to handle this kind of process IMO. They provide a free tier of 1 GB a month. There billing afterwards is very reasonable..
  11. The Gallery is awesomeness, but in an earlier version there used to be the option to FORCE users to create 'Albums' for categories such as 'Member Related Albums'. It would be nice to see this in it once again, as of now, they can freely put images anywhere they want with no organization or thought to it. The option to ALLOW Albums is great, but having the option to FORCE members to MAKE an album or use a current one they own would be even better!
  12. I dont know if this has been mentioned before ( I could not find ) but seems in IPS4 gallery picture embedding is changed. Previously we could embed pictures within posts and it could be view at full width within the post frames but now it seems only a preview is shown https://community.invisionpower.com/gallery/image/7562-how-things-fly-when-you-are-having-tuning-issues/ Edit : Or even not shown at all ( In it is shown as below )
  13. I could use some help with streamlining the image import process for IP.Content. Right now, it's not easy to add images directly from IP.Content like in IP.Board. I have used the "Article Image" function, but does not allow multiple images and does not show the image in Preview article mode. Can anyone help?
  14. Hi, It would be great for UX to enable navigation arrows in the gallery lightbox view. Also it would be nice to consider the possibility to rearrange the order of photos after uploading. Thank you
  15. I'm hoping multiple aspects of uploading errors in IP.Gallery can be fixed. If there is an error on ONE file (eg. Image #51) , then every other subsequent file gets an error. (I've verified that the remaining images #52 to #200 get uploaded to my server, which uses up my server bandwidth and storage. YET the remaining images doesn't actually get uploaded to the front-end website. Those original images are never removed, so when I reupload, I essentially have duplicates of the same image.) I get errors on EVERY other file after the upload (eg. #52, 54, 56, 58 ... 200). And I need to manually click on every single one of those error messages to remove them. One error message ought to suffice. If the uploading queue encounters an error: It should do a hard stop and stop uploading. OR If the uploading does want to continue, at least do it correctly and not give me error messages and uploading errors for the remaining 150 images.
  16. Suggestion for tools for IP.Gallery: Regenerate all variations of thumbnails / resizings in specific album or category. (Current tool applies to ALL attachments. To be frank, I have over 20,000 images in my IP.Gallery plus an unknown amount in IP.Board, and I don't have time to wait for ALL images to be redone.) Recache specific album or categoryRemove orphaned files from specific album or category that's no longer being usedOn another note, I actually question if the existing "Remove orphaned files" tool in Files > Attachments works IF the files are stored in AWS. I know for a fact there are thousands of wasted or unnecessary files in my AWS account (due to uploading errors in IP.Gallery), but every time I've run the tool it always states there's nothing more to run. So either the tool is so efficient and fast, which I doubt because I've seen first-hand files that I've re-uploaded four times and they all exist in my AWS directory, or it's not culling through AWS.
  17. OK I thought about this seeing as file submitters can download there own files they get the ability to post a "review" on files they have uploaded. What if submitter could post a reply to reviews that are given to the files. This would allow the submitter to ether explain things to other members that might want to download the file
  18. As I'm developing some of my site to grow into a lot of the features on IPB4 I find there are IP.Content and default blocks that are significantly lacking. Specifically the below features: Random (Please return it, I really don't want to do the PHP to pull a random feed if I can help it, it was amazing to have that option in the "order by" previously. Featured Content - Right now the only block that you can build using the "featured" filter is for the forums even though you can feature content throughout the site, it would be awesome if this was universal across all platforms that have featured abilities. For example, the featured Downloads block already exists but only on the main Downloads page, it would be nice if that was ported to be able to be implemented anywhere. This can be said for any other IPS app that isn't a custom database. Image slider - It existed in the previous version, even had an IP Content block that worked with this and that feature is gone even though sliders are available (example downloads....) Ability to customize content feeds - You have it functioning for Topics but no other app has the ability to filter this, I think this sort of goes in hand with featured. Currently I'm working on a page that is "What's new at DF" or my site as it were where it's just a slew of featured content and recent topics from around my site on a single page. It would really be awesome if it were native rather than building custom content blocks. These feeds aren't even available in IP.Content to filter through else I wouldn't even be posting this.
  19. I think that it would be perfect if we could add custom fields by category of pictures, in the gallery section. For example, as my site is related to birds,I would like to add a custom field "Specie" that allow people to indicate the specie of the bird of the picture that they are uploading; the same could happen with many other things.
  20. There is a group setting to delete own albums. I believe deleting own images should be an option as well, separated from general content deleting. Members keep asking me why they can delete their album but not just a single image.
  21. Hello, I wish there was an option for the Gallery Animated hook of the Recent Images not to be animated. The animation attracts too much of attention and I feel it is distruptive for our members. I would like to keep it without animation though, it is very nice and useful hook..
  22. Required setting of the Gallery, allowing you to save the original image with the specified size (in px and MB) (example, compress up to 2000px in width and/or height, and not more than 5MB). Explain why it is needed. Currently, the maximum size (in MB) uploaded file in the image Gallery is governed by the max_upload parameter server, and if I find it unacceptable that users can upload an image larger than 5MB, I need to adjust the configuration of your server max_upload = 5MB, but then if users want to upload videos, they will not be able to upload a video more than 5MB... it's very limited... If you make the max_upload parameter more (50-100MB), users will be able to upload videos, but the size of the original images can be up to specified max_upload size... I want my users uploaded image size is 10-20MB, users usually do not even think the size of the uploaded file...
  23. Hello It would be really nice to foresee an RSS feed of the latest album created. Or auto-create a topic to create an album.
  24. The problem with the gallery is that if I upload all my images say like 200 or whatever amount the a auto fill button that will put the users name in the first Copyright box and than send it down to all of them would be a quick thing to add. Other than just typing out the name of the Copyright for over 200 image at once is a little crazy. Could you please add a auto fill option?
  25. Hi, There is a option "Show on the board index after forum" to show gallery category's after a forum. Now i don't see this option in ips4 show and i use it very much. Now i'm wondering, will this come back. Greetings, PANL
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