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  1. Sorry I first posted it in a wrong area. Pages -> Page Managment -> Blocks - Plugins I want to show forum content on an external page using the "external embed" function. There is a choice of permission which is not clear enough for me. How the permission are used. Is the content which is generated in dependence of the user who is reading the feed and his role? What happens if I choose "guest" or "moderator" or "Admin" as a permission. Is the content postet regardless of the user who reads the feed? Or is the feed posted because of the user who will read this on an external page. I tried to use it external but still it was not clear at all. Sometimes I got blank content sometimes not. Here is the description of the function but no description of the permission
  2. Any solution now? I don't like this 2 time clicking menu at all. The rest of the internet is not using/needing it.
  3. Thanks a lot. It is mandatory in europe. I am happy you did it.
  4. Thanks so much for your post. That's exactly how I and my users felt. I was surprised by: More problems updating from IPB 3.x to 4.x than migrating from VBulletin to IPB before. Many really needed and used things are gone without any prior notice. I had a strategy with some of the old features and spent a lot of work using them right. I liked the new mobile friendly style and I can understand you reinvent it from the bottom, but my users had big problems with the update.
  5. When I use the suite software I see many things which think are mandatory in a suite. (In my opinion of course :-).) You may point out that there is a marketplace where I can find all this stuff. That's true, but I don't want to pay for must-have plugins, more important, I don't want to be addicted to many other persons I don't know. Why? There is no quality control of these person within the software project and I don't know if this plugin will destroy my community. It's like shareware or open source. Try it and let's see. I love buying software, because I know that the developers tested it before and are sure that this peace will work also in the next update. For the marketplace software I ask myself: Is it still in the next version? Is it buggy? Is it a security hole? Will it delete my forum? .... Maybe even worse. I see many postings like: Yes this should be in the standard, a definitely missing feature, I love this add-on,.... If there is an add-on in the market, there is no need to put that in the developmentment, right, because you would take away the possibility to earn money for the programmers if you would adapt it in the core to fast. No money, no programmers ;-). I struggled about this because I tried to install a plugin and it wasn't working on my installation (security settings of my firewall probably). All the features of the standard installation are working, but not that add-on. I don't blame the developer of this add-on. Why should he do the free support for a key feature which is missing? What did I try? The European Cookie Law :-) There are 318,9 Millionen (2014) people in the USA and 742,5 Millionen people in europe. But there is NO Cookie Law in the software. It's mandatory for the europeans! BTW: That's the main reason why the shop add on will never be successful here, it's simple against the law ;-), as far as I see. So no matter what you develop. It's just for a few people living in the USA ;-). Now back to my example with the cookies. I have to trust someone in the forum that he is doing the job. Thanks really "-FP" for doing this, but this has to be standard! But I am afraid now it will not, because you did that job for 742 million people. I bet you never thought about this high number :-). More Examples? Account Deactivation, come on everybody should do this. A very good idea is here. and Better Advertising System (Ads per Forum and not only globally). Still not for 4.x. Please don't misunderstand me. Thanks for the developers of the add ons and thanks for the software generally, I really like your hard work. I bought the complete suite and some plugins, but I also had to throw away a lot of work, because the plugins weren't updated (yet) for the version 4.x. They are free in their policy, they don't have to, but I hate also to be addicted to a small plugin. I want to update when a new version is out. HTH Murmel
  6. Sorry this was my additional idea to the first posting. :-)
  7. Maybe a: This user can comment allways and has not to be approved?
  8. modcp/approval-queue/ I think it would make sense if a user can not only delete the comment on his/her blog. He/She should also approve it. Right now only my mods can do this. Why? Makes no sense to me. Specially when it's buggy like now. Yes I made tickets ;-). I also think instead of reading 1.000 comments I would like to have a system with overview and just approve more at a time. Right now it's about 16 per minute without reading to much. Yes I have a lot :-)
  9. I would like to have it as a text as well :-)
  10. Thanks for the hint :-). Do I have to add also the other two, like: .ipsItemStatus_custom{ width: 40px; } .ipsItemStatus{ width: 40px; } .ipsItemStatus_read{ width: 40px; }
  11. I love this one. I have -10 Postings in a forum without any postings. 4.1 is getting funny.
  12. Very strange....... Finally I made for ALL RANKS one special picture, because it didn't worked for me the way I want. Now it's working :-).
  13. suddenly working after changing what characters are allowed in usernames????
  14. Group Icon is also very cool. I just add it because of you :-). But i need the rank title Here I show what I mean. Pipes are still there. I want here the rank title.
  15. You are right :-), I solved it finally the same way. You can also define the parent forum as a category which has no special right to view. But that's the solution. It's not a bug, it's a feature (seriously)
  16. Maybe strange, but I am looking for the ranks. Now in the forum at the posting and at the user there are the pipes. I don't want the pipes. I want to show the title of the rank. I looked around but weren't able to find the setting for that. Please help.
  17. I don't want nor can I give my member unlimited file uploads. I run a parenting page and right now it seems that they can't upload any more files :-( because they are all in several groups.
  18. Same here my users are complaining that they only see some of the new content. I checked it. They are right. Activity Stream is not working.
  19. Same here 2kb reported from my users I am using 4.1.2
  20. Where can I find the variables? What do you mean with: this is not very good... because some topics couldn't show the name of section/forum that contain them... pay many attention please.
  21. Maybe someone shift this to: https://community.invisionpower.com/forum/238-design-and-development-assistance/
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