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(NB40) Separate Pinned Topics

newbie LAC

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I was going to post to saying "so you have to buy the mod again?" but then I started thinking. IPB v4 is a completely new coding, which means all the addons have to be re-written. So of course they should be entitled to charge you for getting the mod again, tho most modders either give you an discount for upgrading or let you do it for free.

Either way I'm also still getting this mod once I upgrade my forum to v4!

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There is a readme file with the download, it tells you how to install it.

However, in case you missed it....

Step 1: Installing

Go to AdminCP -> System -> Plugins -> Install New Plugin.
Select .xml file from Install folder and then click Install button.

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Thanks for this, but is there any way I can change the text style to bold & change the wording itself?

The plugin have css-file which contain classes 

.nbPinned  {}

.nbPinnedPin {}

.nbPinnedOthers {}

.nbPinned for all

.nbPinnedPin for pinned topics

.nbPinnedOthers for other topics

Add your css-properties

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I'm getting this error when I have the plugin enabled and try to view a forum: 

8Undefined variable: hasPinned/var/www/html/system/Theme/Theme.php(643) : eval()'d code3607Array 


Version ipb?

Version php?

I can't reproduce error on

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Nope. It's not even getting to the theme, because "hasPinned" (the variable referenced in the XML) is undefined.

edit - I read through the XML and the logic makes sense. I wonder if it's getting mad at the assignments on lines 17 or 22? I'm not familiar with the template system being used, but that's the only spot I can see which would make sense..

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