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  1. Greg W


    That is strange, this is what I see...
  2. That is strange, it works here... https://community.invisionpower.com/search/?type=core_members
  3. Mine was always there & I didnt have to add it or change it, but, yoursiteurl/search/?type=core_members Should get it
  4. With Default Menu Manager, click on "Browse" and then "Members"
  5. There is a bug which is explained in this topic...
  6. I totally agree, the ACP is not something you need to "sell" to your members, so why have it themed? I can understand an option of light & dark versions of the default theme as some people like things to be dark rather than bright, but I cannot understand having all skins available in the ACP
  7. Greg W


    iAwards --> Settings --> Display Scroll down to the part that says "Posts Display Settings" and unclick the enable button
  8. Greg W


    Thanks for that, it has got mine working again
  9. Mine is also on the latest version, I would suggest you raise a ticket for it and one of the IPS guys will look into it for you
  10. Greg W


    Here are mine http://www.toontask.com/awards/ Again, previously used with HQ Awards, so the quality was set for 35x35px, so I need to improve their quality. 43 different awards & a total of 416 awards given. Although I was with HQ Awards, I removed them all during the Beta stage of iAwards when the conversion wasn't available, so have had to add them all manually
  11. I have just checked mine and they are up to date ok
  12. Greg W


    @Kevin Carwile Thanks for the information you have already given on here with some help for setting up Rules for the iAwards, very helpful. I tried setting up a rule to give an award to members who visited the site on a specific day & struggled to make it work, can you give me an idea of how to do that?
    Thanks for this great awards system @-RAW-, it has been a pleasure helping you with the testing & thank you for understanding the requirements of the other testers & myself. I now believe this is exactly as we required
  13. Greg W


    Great news @-RAW- and thank you for allowing me to be part of the Beta testing group. It is working well, all I need to do now, like @craigf136 is to understand more about the Rules application
  14. Greg W


    Not working with 4.1.7 here either, I have had to disable it for the site to run
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