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Just wanted to give a thanks

Demetrius Goes Roar

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I may have been pushy and annoying in the Customer Support area but all of you were very kind and willing to work with me. Especially Rhett. He was very informative and patience and usually I do not get that kind of treatment within a forum host. Usually I meet a lot of rude Customer Service Reps and me coming from a call center environment, I meet a LOT of rude people. But I want to say that you guys have an amazing support team and very kind people. I can not wait to continue my service with Invision Power Board and I will always remain a loyal customer just for the support and kindness I have received.

Thank you


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Appreciate that, thanks Chris.

great, now Rhetts head gonna swell and explode and Matt will have to clean up the gore :tongue:

Rhett deserves the praise. Even if he does favour large phones.

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