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Is there any official 'float' image code?


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I've been using an XML float code that I downloaded some time ago, but IP.Board updates have broken the code so it no longer displays properly in forum topics (but for god knows what reason, it still works perfectly fine in ip.content articles), causing the images to be displayed as inline images.

And I went and found an updated code... but it isn't 100% the same, but still uses the tag "float" so it breaks all the old float code totally (not displaying images at all).

So I can either break lots of old content, to have current content work, or not have any proper image floating in new articles.

Is there any official float code? Or can this please be added into a future version of the program, preferably with a basic code like:



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Well, I care because I read the link and I do not understand the blog entry. Will I or won't have the ability to use the float left and float right buttons that I added to my editor? ???

The blog entry says you can use plugins straight from the ckeditor site. There is a ckeditor plugin that does this. So come 4.0 you will be able to install the 3rd party ckeditor plugin that does this.

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@Aiwa: Thanks for the explanation. Finally, someone who can explain it for those of us who just can't quite grasp the obvious. What kind of editor do we have right now? Is it ckeditor? The reason I am asking is that when we upgrade to 4.0, will our existing float left and float right codes that have been used in ip.content articles, be preserved?

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If you're on IPS 4 this is already possible with the editor.  Just double-click on the image and select your size and float.  

Here's a (delicious) example:


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