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Gary is the man!

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Just wanna make this post to thank Gary and tell everyone else about him

So I was thinking about updating to 3.2 a few weeks ago then I had the dilemma of changing domains and moving my site to a new server. I am not confident as this kind of work and came to gary for help. Within a few minutes of sending him a PM he was on it. Faster than I could get everything ready he was there ready to work. I had minimal downtime and no issues whatsoever.

Then moving to 3.2 came and I got gary to do that. He upgraded all my applications, IP.Content and IP.Board with downtime of 1 hour. Then when I had some issues specific to my board concerning IP.Content he helped sort it.

Stunning service and definitely the man to go to with any back-end server work!!

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Yea he is great he tried to help but in end he didnt want damage my database because it was corrupted

The database was showing fine on yours, It seemed to me that something went wrong with converting from VB to IPB, I'm not 100% in that department so it was best for me not to touch anything and leave that to the experts ( IPS ) As they would know exactly what to look for.

Without haveing a working VB and then try converting myself to IPB I would not know exactly what is what and your website was running in a live enviroment so it's best to have it semi working rather than me messing with the database, It could be something simple, A small file edit, I'm not sure but personally I do not think it was a database problem, Rather a IPB file issue.

I do hope you have it solved , And thanks to all who commented.

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