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  1. Yes one of those pink buttons beside the 'Try a Free Demo' button would do the trick.
  2. Yes because the posts are approved until otherwise unapproved in most cases.
  3. Would you agree that this change suits the new more than the old? What I mean is someone new joining the forum scene will have no problem adapting but someone who is used to BBCode will be left quite confused for a while.
  4. +1 to Marcher above I am not liking the way this new editor is being described. It seems you are dumbing the editor way down, so far down it is even below the average users standards. I dread to see how complex posts will turn out with this new editor. Keep BBCode in or your just confusing things even more for the average user.
  5. Just got the mod; Gonna have a proper look at the re-skin of it tonight. Apart from this its a good mod although I had issues with reporting scores and it kept saying "Bad Match Time"
  6. Hey, even if the b3605f8f6b13a69a5297602263273903 BBCode did something useful like that it would be a start! But definitely, this is something simple, that would not bloat the software, but rather add a feature to keep up with the times.
  7. I also think this should be included as stock. Social Networking sites have made everyone think that @name is acceptable anywhere on the internet and it does have some benefits on a forum software.
  8. Excellent. Thanks for that :)
  9. I don't find it too time consuming. Then again, I don't upgrade to every package they release. I only update when something cool has been added. Probably won't upgrade until 3.4 or 4.0 whatever the case may be
  10. I agree with hiring an SEO expert and, just like the mobile app, IP.SEO has not worked free so charge for it. I think SEO will become even more prominent when you move into the 3.4 community suite. If people shift business to nexus they want good ranking not a lot of duplicate rubbish. Get an expert. Improve IP.SEO or let that expert make fixes to the core and everyone will be happy.
  11. If your looking for a "custom" design Steven going full custom is often a hassle. I suggest, if you haven't already, that you look at: http://www.ipbforumskins.com/premade_ipb3.php Ehren always has updates up within a few days of a new version and produces clean and well designed skins. Hope that helps!
  12. I refrained from saying this because you might get annoyed or think its off topic but I have been watching this topic since it was created and some very interesting points have been made. I think your forum is quite unique and has some decent content but if it was on the first page of google, first result and I clicked into it looking for a money making forum I would close the tab immediately. I think its cramped and quite unprofessional looking. I know that doesn't have anything to do with SEO but a nice skin or at the very least a properly re-sized banner would improve the UI of the site greatly
  13. +1 isn't this not what Dan was doing? I am not sure if he was IPS Staff however.
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