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  1. Sorry for slow or none replys, I have been very busy with work since being on my holidays !! A lot to catch up on :(

  2. I have x-cache installed and I tried loading from the database and even with it turned off, They still load the default avater. rebuilding caches after each option has been selected does not fix anything.
  3. Anyone manage to figure out the avater issue, Ours always show the default, No matter what caches I rebuild. Nothing major but again it's an option in the shoutbox to in theory it should function.
  4. Thanks, Much appreciated :wink: ps: works a treat :D
  5. Is there away to make the text coloured, It did work previously yet not for 3.2.3 color txt.
  6. Gary.

    links ect

    Picture the content link , Also acting as an image so I would use something like: The BBcode link works with the image, However if the user does not input http:// then when they do click the image it opens the image not the link.
  7. Gary.

    links ect

    The content tags are an external link so when I hover over this it shows domain:link
  8. I cannit figure out html linking with tags. A basic html link would look like: How would I do it with mods with content tags such as: being the link ?
  9. Hello there, Gary. I was looking at some of the help you've provided to others. Quite an impressive reputation your building in the community.

  10. Not sure if it's something we done but the search feature on the main index.php does not work, Nor does the option select box to search different sections. Any suggestions, I was looking through the templates, I see this one: tctc91_user_links, Nothing inside this but it may have nothing to do with the issue we got.
  11. Nod 32 - Using for 5 years and never had 1 issue !
  12. Quick update regarding the issue: The latest shoutbox fixed it. Also a thanks goes to Michael for the Help via PM !
  13. Hello, Is anyone having these issues, I installed a fresh version of IPB 3.1.4 , I installed the shoutbox 1.1.3 which installs fine, So on the board index it shows up with the message inside the box: On the members bar there is the tab [shoutbox] Now I set the permissions via ACP > Members > Member permissions > Shoutbox > Can use shoutbox [YES] Soon as I save the shoutbox goes of the index page, But when I click the shoutbox in the members bar tab I can se and use this. Done skin rebuild, Skin cache, Re install, Just about everything ! Any suggestions.
  14. I just looked mine up, I got it free with a machine I bought. http://www.acer.co.uk/ac/en/GB/content/model/ET.VH3HE.E01 Did not think they were that price though, Rip off I think !
  15. If it did not chuck out any errors, Then yeah I would agree :P
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