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Found a bug in IPB 3.2


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As of an hour ago, it did not work on this board. Does not seemed to be fixed on this board.

You are right, I just tested it as well... this was reported long ago and also marked as fixed or a duplicate. I'm not sure why the fix never made it into the final version.

There are very many fixes in the last week... so many in fact that I'm waiting for 3.2.1 before doing much more work.
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I also noticed the pop-up does not remember the password, but the full log in form does.

Yes i know, use the bug tracker. %7Boption%7D

Not actually a bug... because the popup is a javascript element, there's no way for the browser to know whether it came from the actual site or from something malicious. Browsers will not auto-fill such a form. There's a report in there somewhere where that was explained.
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