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Great hook :)
I'm using Recent Topics 2.0.0 and is wondering what edits I have to add for this hook to work on it too? At the moment there is still the buttons to click on for the preview. Would be very nice if anyone could help.
The code for the topic link is the following:

							<td {$class2} class='__topic __tid{$r['topico']['tid']}' width='52%'>

								<if test="$r['topico']['state'] !='link'"><span class='topic_preview right'>{parse template="topic_popup" group="global" params="$r['topico']['tid']"}</span></if>

								<if test="$r['topico']['pinned']"><span class='topic_prefix'>{$this->settings['pre_pinned']}</span>&nbsp;&nbsp;</if>

								<if test="$r['topico']['poll_state']"><span class='topic_prefix'>{$this->settings['pre_polls']}</span>&nbsp;&nbsp;</if>

								<if test="$this->settings['topicosrecentes_movidos'] AND $r['topico']['state'] == 'link'"><span class='topic_prefix'>{$this->settings['pre_moved']}</span>&nbsp;&nbsp;</if>

								<if test="$r['topico']['topic_hasattach']">

									<a href="{parse url="app=forums&amp;module=forums&amp;section=attach&amp;tid={$r['topico']['tid']}" base="public"}" title="{parse expression="intval($r['topico']['topic_hasattach'])"} {$this->lang->words['topic_attach']}" onclick="return ipb.forums.retrieveAttachments( {$r['topico']['tid']} );">{parse replacement="t_attach"}</a>


								<if test="istracking:|:! empty($r['topico']['trackingTopic'])">{parse replacement="watch_small"}</if>

								<b><a href='{parse url="showtopic={$r['topico']['tid']}&view=getnewpost" base="public" template="showtopic" seotitle="{$r['topico']['title_seo']}"}' title='{$r['topico']['title']}'>{IPSText::truncate($r['topico']['title'],60)}</a></b><br />

								<span class='desc'>{$this->lang->words['cat_name']}:

									<foreach loop="topicsForumTrail:$r['breadcrumb'] as $i => $f">

										<a href='{parse url="{$f[1]}" template="showforum" seotitle="{$f[2]}" base="public"}'>{$f[0]}</a> <if test="notLastFt:|:$i+1 != count( $r['breadcrumb'] )">{parse replacement="f_nav_sep"}</if>




Best regards,

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This doesn't appear to work in 3.14 - unless I am doing something wrong (can't think what though).
Custom template doesnt appear to be the issue, as it doesn't work with the standard IPB template either.
Any suggestions?
Also, as mentioned above, it would be nice to have this work with new posts search as well as forum view - is there any chance this could be added, and the 3.14 issue looked at (if it is a 3.14 issue)


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the hook doesn't work for IE users, as the window disappears when you attempt to use any of its controls...probably mouseover is not being properly handled

I get the same thing on IE8, you can not scroll as well.

I noticed that the present feature icon to the right that brought up the summary window disappears when this feature is installed. If this can not be fixed at least leave the present feature the way it was so that there is another option for the quick view window.
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I accept that this is an unsupported mod, but I wondered if anyone has got this working on a custom skin? Installed it on our board (v3.1.4) and works perfectly on the default IPB skin. However we don't use that skin, we use one called "Engraved" by the guys over at IPBForumSkins and unfortunately it doesn't function on that skin. It does remove the clickable topic preview icon, just doesn't actually pop up with the preview on hover.

Any ideas where I could start looking within the templates for what is amiss?

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